Redefine Your Worth: Discover What Lies Within You Beneath The Surface!

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I have been writing my previous blog articles on this site with a lot of tips and how to’s but this one is more of a reflective blog for you (the reader). It is something to think about and gain some perspective. I had a change of pace after doing some reflection of my own and wanted to share this..


I have been in the fitness path for about 2 years and discovered many many things that can get you “sucked” in to a whole other “warped” way of thinking. I have went from one perspective of “exercise and eat as much as I want” to ” I don’t like myself as much as I thought I did on the outside” to ” I want to help people and make a difference in their lives” to ” I don’t want to get sucked in to the ideas of how someone is supposed to behave and lose the real “Andrea” inside”.


The last two statements are linked together for me but I hope that this resides within you as well in some way, shape, or form. The power of social media is becoming stronger and stronger from day to day that sometimes we forget that we can be our own person, a quote from Facebook may help that day but will it teach us how to act or how to think? Do we need to see 450 models on IG or do we need to see our own bodies for what they are? It is the only one we have and need for survival that is not exactly or even similar to the next person because of the huge melting pot that we are apart of as well as of course DNA :).


Across the media you see many of our favorite celebrities began on one end of the spectrum of themselves and evolve into plastic surgery, weight loss, drugs, alcohol, fame etc… and soon they aren’t looking like the same celebrity you fell in love with. On the other spectrum, the fitness “world” is just the same, people going to extremes to lose weight or win a competition, or keep the six pack abs verses be willing to accept themselves as is and do things for pure enjoyment. Suddenly they are 400 images on social media of themselves, constantly obsessing over their eating and unable to find the point of return.


Some are looking for the quick fixes of diet pills, eating disorders, depression, 2 hrs of cardio a day, the list goes on and on. It makes me sad to say all this but I had been out of the loop when I was just eating to survive or exercising for whatever purpose which is not making myself guilty of eating a lot or to keep my mind off of what I really didn’t like about myself. I am not going to say that I am in perfect spirits or that I don’t have my moments of weakness but I do see very clearly of what self image can do to a person, mostly females and males too although they may not admit it.


The lengths we will go to make ourselves feel better temporarily does not fill the real “hole” on the inside. I don’t have an answer to the concerns or things you may not like about yourself or struggle with day to day. What I will say is that you are NEVER the only one going through these type of situations. I know we always feel that it is our battle and ours alone but only because we choose to deal with these things alone. Despite all of the burdens you feel at this point know that you are worth so much more than where you currently stand.


The wrinkles and scars may not always need to be fixed or removed as we all have them, its part of the aging process and we all have to get old sometimes!. The cellulite on your legs will not always need to be covered, it is a part of you.. A person who decides they are not the love of your life anymore does not make you unlovable! If you are not the most popular person with lots of friends doesn’t make you any less important.


I am not saying you will love everything about yourself all the time but to turn those into negatives is what feeds that image of feeling bad about yourself. We cant be like our favorite role model, we can only be the best “US” that we can be!. The weight loss will happen when you want it to and if you want it to. The moments of life pass you by only if you allow them too. The competition you didn’t win is just that but that doesn’t mean you are any less of a winner. The time to redefine your worth starts now because you can only make you the best! I hope that you take that step to know your own true worth and what lies beneath the surface!






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