Relax and Reset to Deal With Stress: Living Life to the Fullest!

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Stress is probably the top 10 causes of sickness, divorce, death..etc.


We function in a world where meals are minimal, working 12-14 hours is normal, being in financial debt is the “nature of the beast” and time off is more time to catch up on the many hours of sleep we never think we get enough of. Along with this we have our personal life with love, drama, and more to influence the many powers that be.


Regardless taking the time to relax and reset is overlooked and all we think of is how to take things to the next level for our work but what about our private lives? The parts of us mentally and physically that need rest/relaxation are neglected and in turn affect our overall being. Little by little our stress levels becomes higher and higher which result in changes in attitude that can eventually eat at you. This is when its time to realize that your reaching the point of “burn out” and its time to take a step back and regroup. Feeling the burnout is definitely common in our day and age.


So its time to figure out where and how we can keep the stress level down in our personal and professional lives. I am sure you are asking what does this have to do with fitness? Well it does because your overall well being is essential in everything you do and everything you are going to do in the future and goals you set to achieve.  Here are my tips to “Relax and Reset to Deal With Stress”.


First thing is identify that there is an issue!

We tend to stuff a lot of things down and just push through. In most situations that great but sometimes we are just a volcano or time bomb waiting to erupt and need to just figure out what is getting under your skin in the first place! Write it down, talk to a friend but lets get this “problem” out in the open!


Discover your outlet!

Well this is where exercise comes in to play, or maybe its meditation quietly. Sometimes its curling up with a good book or going to the nail salon with the girls. Find what makes takes your mind off the situation and focuses yourself on positive aspects in your life.


Eat some good healthy stuff!

I am not being the healthy police but sometimes when we are stressed we may snack or eat things that aren’t always good for us. I understand a bit here and there but your body feels and functions better when more good stuff goes in it then bad. Try a little of this and that like fruits, nuts, veggies and see if you feel any different. You may be surprised how much you may feel better afterwards!


Get a good nights sleep!

Very little people get the amount of sleep they need for a full nights rest! Do we even really know what makes us rested, sometimes we don’t sleep when we are tired or we are too busy thinking about our stressors. Figure out what you can do to help get some really good sleep! Listen to calming music, use sleep masks, maybe sleep on a heating pad to keep you comfortable! Sometimes it all starts in the bed and how you wake up!


Understand it happens to us all!

We may feel like the meltdown we are having isn’t normal but it is! Lots of folks including the rich, famous, poor whomever, feels this stress! It is perfectly normal and something that is apart of the growing process, and makes us stronger in our personal and professional lives! I touch on a lot of subjects as a fitness blogger but I believe in the whole person concept.


We can not achieve our personal goals if we are not balanced personally and professionally. Not to mention a lot of stressors tend to blend in with a lot of our actions which affects everything! Its time to be able to identify when it gets to be too much and recover from this by relaxing and reseting!

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