RoxStar Fitness Figure Client – Monica Carson – 4 Days Out from the Los Angeles Championships!

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Things have been REALLY hitting it out of the park for my amazing RoxStars! Our competition team has seen overall wins, top 5 placings on the regional level, top 5 placings on the national level, and an IFBB Pro card winner – all in this one season! Our next champ out the gate for round 2 is Monica Carson!

Monica Carson 4 Days Out  


As you might have recalled, Monica had a stellar start to her season with a class win in BOTH Masters and Open at the NPC Mile High Championships. And since that show, we’ve been simply focusing mostly on making some improvements in the area of conditioning! And boy have we ever! One thing I have to say about Monica is that she is a SUPER hardworking client. When we started working together back in 2014, I immediately saw her potential, and simply asked her to raise the bar, to stay focused, and drive for what she wants.  


2013 v 2014 v 2015  


We worked together with her competing that season, and then really put our focus into her off season, increasing calories, reducing cardio (to pretty much none), and bringing up her physique in a way that will make her stand out as a champion, and she has risen to the occasion. Our goal next year is to put her on bigger stages, and to take a stab at the national level. The Musclecontest/Jon Lindsay Productions Los Angeles Championships is a GREAT barometer for our goals for her as it’s a very competitive show! Posing and presentation has been something myself, and RoxStar Fitness Coach Samantha Towe has been working on extensively with Monica. I had a recent session with her where we talked about how to best present her body for the stage.



Online Figure Posing Session – Quarter Turns and Model Poses – RoxStar Fitness Client Monica Carson   Here’e some awesome videos from Monica at 4 days out as we work to peak her for the 2015 NPC Los Angeles! When I say her conditioning is ON POINT, I mean her conditioning is ON POINT! You know, a lot of people question whether natural athletes can get super lean, particularly women. And the answer is YES THEY CAN. Of course, this depends largely on genetics, but when you properly diet and apply training to the equation in a way that allows your body to keep pushing – even as you get deeper into the diet phase – you can reach levels of leanness for the stage like never before. Monica is 100% natural, and 1000% hard work.



Hard work speaks volumes guys. The game of bodybuilding is challenging and if you take it head on, you can do amazing things! This is hands down the best conditioning so far to date. We’ll start to fill her out a bit by doing a carb up today (3 days out), and then simply tapering food in a way to keep her looking full and tight. I prefer carbing up a few days out, because if there is any spillage, you can easily clean it up in the days leading into the show. Stay tuned for more on how she’s doing, and the results from this show!  



If you are interested in getting started check out my website: I work with BOTH competitors AND non competitors. Contact me today to bring your absolute best to the stage.




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