RSFIC Group Coaching Mastermind Program – Week 1 Video Module

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Your Nutrition (Part 1) – How To Set Your Diet Up For Your Goals – Determining Calories and Macros


Put on your thinking cap because today’s eCoaching Session is all about getting into depth with your approach to nutrition.


What you’re eating on a day to day basis is THE cornerstone to your fat loss or lean building success. As they say, you simply cannot out-train a bad diet


But here’s a newsflash…


A bad diet doesn’t have to be an unhealthy one, a bad diet simply is one not properly formulated for your needs and goals.


So in this first video of our series, I am breaking down for you all of the MOST IMPORTANT things you need to consider in order to put together a meal plan that is GOAL DRIVEN.


I’m also teaching you the most important advice I can give you when it comes to how your macros need to be set up like where your carbs and fats need to be to see the best results, how carb cycling can be a great tool for further fat loss success, and the exact equations you need to be using right now to help put your perfect meal plan to action.


Please download the worksheet below for added notes, and a guided approach to setting up your calories and macros for your nutrition plan.




Download PDF Outline and Worksheet Here



Don’t have time to watch? Listen to the podcast version below. You can also download it by clicking the download button on the audio player.








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