Say No To Quick Fix Diets: Avoid the “Easy” Way Out!

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The fad diets only last for so long….there are so many instant and quick fix diets out there that we constantly look for easy ways to change our bodies.


There are plenty of companies becoming rich off of this way of thinking like Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, Beach Body, and more. All of these companies have in common is offering you the quick fix diet solution to nutritional and physical aspects of your life that you think is going to work and doesn’t.


In turn you keep trying and trying but it gives you the same result over and over which is to do what it says its going to do and doesn’t. Now I am sure that some people will say that it really did work for me but what is the whole story of the situation?


Was it just the shake or pill along with other factors? The truth is yet to be really told through these companies which is why we must know the actual “logistics” that goes along with understanding why you shouldn’t try the “easy” way out period. A lot of the companies apart of these quick fix diets and fads that we see on television are all about appealing to the average person specifically women in most cases.


We (Women) want to look a certain way like the models we see a magazines, posters, weight loss transformations that appear amazing on the outside or possibly photography manipulation whatever the case. In our minds we are thinking ” I want to look like that!” and in turn you buy into these situations.


The things that they don’t tell you is “how do I consistently function long term?, “what else do I need to do in addition to this?”, “Will this help me meet my goals and then some?”, these are just some questions which wont be answered or be a disclaimer abstaining the company from all responsibility. Their goal is to sell and make you a long term buyer of their product, the rest is irrelevant.


This is one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t get into the quick fix diets, and it is a sign that maybe its time to pursue other options. The idea is to achieve the goal in a safe, long term, and healthy way. The nutrition portion is essential in this process as well as understanding what your body needs and requires to do what you would like it do.


There are a lot of methods guaranteed to work, no but most of the time it will make progress and you will learn what it takes to get to where you need to be.


Start out with researching and possibly hiring a professional dietitian. It will be an investment of some kind whether its time or money but at least you will have the whole picture as to what is going on with your body verses taking a pill or shake and not understanding why.


Will there be trial and error in most cases? Absolutely just because what works for some may not work for all. We know what we want in the end and that is a result that is long term, livable, interchangeable without negative side effects to your body physically and mentally.


This is not to say diets do not work, they do and can but is it really healthy for you? Is it really how you want to function and live your life long term?


I hope the answer on all fronts is No and that you dig further into your research and figure out the method that works for you. Just remember that everything you see on television is not always the real situation at hand. Be safe and smart in reaching your goals!


I know  you’ve encountered a few quick fix diets and fads! I have… What have been some you’ve fallen for, and what do you do differently now than you did then?  Post your comments below.



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