Sore or Sorry; How to Recover Aching Muscles Routinely!

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Sore muscles or what is officially labeled as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)is common whether intentional or unintentional in exercise it is something that needs to be taken seriously. As much as we wish we were getting younger we are getting older and want to preserve what limbs we do have. It may be seen as a sign of progress but when we put our bodies through certain exercises/regimens it sometimes may be a bit more than planned. This is not to say the effort isn’t good but the after effects need to be taken care of as well. Your recovery is one of the important parts that is overlooked, just like the warming up and stretching is skipped at times ( I am guilty of this as well). Here are some things to try that may help ease some of your pain:

Warm Baths:

Warm water will loosen up the tension in the muscles and increase circulation. Better circulation means more oxygen to the muscles and better blood flow in the body to those aching muscles. Epsom Salt added to the warm water helps create a bit more relaxation as well. If you don’t have a bathtub then going to the Jacuzzi is another alternative or even a spa trip is a great get away point just for stress relief period.

Hot/Cold Treatment:

Using ice or a hot pack always helps with pain and increase circulation. It may be a bit tedious but 15 mins of hot and cold compressions could be the key. Try this method and see if you really do like this! You can purchase igloo cold packs or just a regular hot/cold pack (you would need several for this to really work).


Yes bring on the medication! Medicine is naturally the first choice for a quick fixes! I personally would rather take the pills for pain relief and sleep it off but if absolutely necessary depending on the pain level while awake, I would take it then too. It is not a guaranteed cure/reliever but it does help! It would be better to take this before you go to sleep to receive the rest along with the pain relief.


My favorite regimen personally, but a person physically putting pressure to “force” blood circulation is a gift and a curse. The reason I say this is because your pain tolerance may not be like you thought but it is worth this for a bit of relief. I lean more towards sports massages and deep tissue just because its great to have a decent if not a lot of pressure especially if you are an avid lifter with pretty tense muscles. I highly encourage if you can afford to, because even when you aren’t in pain then a massage is still a relief to enjoy overall!

Muscle soreness does not have a one time fix it result but here are some ideas to try for the recovery process. I believe the recovery process is just as important as the stretching and warming up. You may not notice right away but try it in your daily regimen for some positive results.

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