Spiderman Pulls

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Spider Man Pulls are an excellent power exercise for the back. They hit primarily the lats through dynamic speed and resistance.





Primary Muscles Targeted


Performing the Spiderman Pulls


  1. To set up, you want to use the standing free motion machine, setting the arms up in an overhead position.

  2. The weight should me on the more moderate side.

  3. Start in a squat position, pull your elbows into a tight position through a lat pull down. Keep your chest up, abs tight.

  4. As you extend your arms you want to simultaneously perform a lateral hop to the other side of the machine. You will find that the momentum of the weight stack will pull you off of the floor, which causes the “Spider Man” portion of this movement.

  5. Land on the other side in a squat position, the same as you had at the start of the motion.

  6. Repeat this for the number of reps and sets on your program.

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