Stability Ball Prone DB Cobra – Exercise Demo Video

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The Stability Ball Prone DB Cobra is an EXCELLENT exercise to kick up the back muscles from the base of your pelvis, all the way to the top of the head.


One thing I’ll mention is that you don’t have to go super heavy to get the full benefits of this move. Simply use a more light to moderate weight, and focus on the action. Making sure to squeeze at the top of the exercise, and slowly coming down in a stable way as you return to start.



Stability Ball Prone DB Cobra


Primary Muscles Targeted

1. Start off by lying in a prone (belly down) position on top of a stability ball. The ball should come to about right on the abdominals, slightly below your chest.

2. Grab your dumbbells, and hold them in front of you, aligned with the shoulders. Think about keeping your legs straight behind you, digging the toes into the ground.

3. Squeeze with your glutes, extend your arms back towards your legs, keep your feet straight and lift your torso off of the ball in an elevated “cobra” position.

4. Hold this position for a few seconds and return back to the start. Repeat for as many reps as stated on your plan.

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