Strive for the Best Shape You Can Bring!

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We all compare our bodies to other bodies, but when are we going to realize that we come from parents that aren’t the same as everyone else’s? Genetics plays a role in many aspects of how we look – which is why we most likely will never ever look the same as the people we idolize…


Yet we continue to pick ourselves apart.  We want our legs to look a certain way, our thighs not to touch, bigger boobs, bigger butt, but even if these “flaws” were no longer flaws (in our eyes) what would that mean afterwards? Would you be satisfied?


Safely, I can say that you may not be, simply because it runs deeper, and a lot of us strive for perfection. Think of plastic surgery, all the money paid to fix what you may feel is “wrong” with your body with a new nose or butt lifts – and in the end you may still not be satisfied. Even in competing we go to extreme lengths at times because we want to win, winning has become more important then the journey but that’s another blog post :).


It’s time to accept your shape and work on bringing your best shape to the table. I mentioned genetics earlier but I want to touch on the situation. This is something a lot of people fail to mentally process, it’s the reason a persons legs are more defined, eyes shaped a certain way, etc..


One woman is short with a large chest small waist, small butt while on the other hand a tall women has a big butt, small chest and the list goes on. These are all things we cant control because of the families we were born into, along with what genes are dominant in you – and more. Its not to say you can not develop yourself further, but sometimes there are things that you must accept about yourself positively.


I can not control my height clearly (me personally I am 4’11), and because I am short I may put on a bit of muscle and look “huge” to others… I say – so be it! That is how I am built individually.  And if you are the opposite of me, or you have “uncontrolled parts” of you that you really don’t “care” for it’s time to embrace them.


It’s time to figure out how to bring out the best in them, and for you to become more comfortable. Otherwise, it’s always something in the back of your mind and hanging over your head like a dark cloud. Another thing to consider is what you can control. Your body is a machine in many aspects, and it will let you know a lot of what you have been doing or haven’t been doing by showing on the outside (muscularity, leanness etc).


Lets be truthful, when you say “I have been sticking to my diet”,  in most cases you can tell visually or you can feel it. If you look the same if not bigger (increased in waist size or actual weight) than before you started, there may need to be a time to pause and figure out what the deal is. Or if you are being truthful to YOURSELF in the first place. That’s what brings about TRUE change.


There is a solution to every issue, but permanent solution starts with your emotions and mentally accepting what is and what will be. It isn’t that you aren’t doing the right things – it is that our body react differently to different things, and in different ways. So you must embrace that and find what’s best FOR YOU!


What you envisioned looking like may be a completely different image in reality. And it’s OK to BE OKAY with that!

The lesson in this whole blog is to work as hard as your body will allow you to physically, do what is in your best interest to meet your goals and make you happy, and acquire patience with change. Focus on the things you CAN control, and let that drive you. You’ve been dealt the cards you have, and there’s no reason why it can’t look the BEST SHAPE it can be – all on your terms.



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