Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner and ANY Holiday

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It’s that time of year!


The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching, but you don’t need to have any fear regarding if you can survive it – because you CAN.


I think we all spend way too much time thinking about the things that we can’t have around this holiday season, instead of thinking of ways to make it all inclusive. There’s no reason why you can’t have balance in this game! To be able to enjoy the great treats without blowing your entire diet or nutrition set up.


So today, instead of telling you all of the things NOT to do, I want to tell you what you absolutely CAN do to still have a great time with family and friends, and not freak out about what you’re going to (or not going to) eat at the dinner table. 


Here are a few Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving for you to consider to help you to both ENJOY the holiday, and still remain on track.  



So now that you’ve heard what I have to say on this matter, I want to wrap it up with a few tips to take away.

  • The holiday only comes once a year, and indulging intelligently will not kill the whole deal.
  • Establish habits throughout the year that become second nature to you, so that when the holidays come along, you are already well equipped to deal with the excess around you.
  • Just because someone else is having something, it doesn’t mean you have to as well. Peer pressure can be one hell of a thing to deal with, even as an adult. 
  • Make the choice to have a small serving of what you want, and truly savor and enjoy every bite.
  • Keep in mind that treats will always be there (especially things like candy that you can literally have at any time). So if you don’t need to reach for it, simply don’t! You know you can have Hershey Kisses any time of year – unlike your coworker Sally Sue’s amazing cheesecake… Enjoy a small serving of that instead!

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