[Video] Some Content To Inspire and Enrich You This Week!

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So I wanted to share with you some really AWESOME content that I posted up on my social media this week! I think that in sharing my journey, you guys get to see the true “behind the scenes” effort of what someone like myself does to get to that point of where we are.


This week I’m sharing with you a quick view of what’s in my grocery bag!


I’ve got a quick clip of a new milestone in the gym with my shoulder presses, and some words of advice that I think will help keep you motivated on your path to getting to your goals – things I want you to keep in mind.


Check out the videos below, and let me know your thoughts!







This one is for my fabulous female followers. Ladies, keep in mind in the face of fat loss, we typically tend to lose from top to bottom. Don’t spend your time beating yourself up focusing on what you DON’T like about your body. Celebrate your accomplishments. Here’s a few more tips and advice on these thoughts.  




I always talk about how having variety on your plan is key when it comes to success in the long term with fat loss. It’s no different when in a contest prep. I follow a meal plan – I don’t really buy the whole IIFYM approach when it comes to a prep, and I don’t do it personally because I NEED structure to get as lean as I need to get for my shows. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have variety already ingrained in the structure of how I eat.


So here’ s a quick glimpse at what my current foods are on my plan, and what I picked up at the grocery store!          

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  • Kat

    Minus the meat and dairy, looks like my cart. I’m on the right track. Getting it together. Thanks Rox!!! ps. That vinaigrette is the bomb!!!

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