You vs You: A Path to Unleashing Your Inner “Champion”!

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A lot of people say winning isn’t everything, it’s about You vs You. But do we truly believe this statement?


Is there ever a point and time where our competitive nature doesn’t overwhelm our sense of thinking as in being realistic? It depends on the situation but when you are in the moment all you want to do is win! Most of the time afterwards when all is said and done, your adrenaline rush is gone and you establish clarity then it sinks in.


Where do our abilities come into play and challenge us? How do we uncover our inner “champion” and realize that if we defeat the doubts, fears, along with the voice inside that says we cant then haven’t we already won?


Do you see a lot of the posters with “You vs. You” quote? I didn’t understand that for awhile until I went through my weight loss and bodybuilding competition. In my opinion, I believe it is a mental game which translates to the outside and affects your whole mind, body, and spirit. Where one part of “You” is challenged and ready to roll but the other “You” has thoughts of doubt, excuses, basically situations to sabotage.


Well in reality it’s always a battle with a part of you that wants to give up and another side of you that is challenging you to push through to the next level. We all have goals to accomplish whether fitness related or just in our daily life that brings challenges. The challenge of making a decision to change your lifestyle with workouts and eating habits is something that many people talk about doing but do not follow through.


Although there is always intent, what is missing is action! Its time to make moves with no regrets and learn from obstacles overcome.


You are the only person holding yourself back!

Oh yes I am talking to you :)! We are mature enough to make a lot of decisions but sometimes the power of influence is so great that we decide to go against everything we work so hard or stand for! If you want to have a toned muscular body than that is the plan and stick with it! If you are gearing towards weight loss than stay the course but only you know what needs to happen to make this possible and stick with it. The first person that needs to be accountable for your actions is you. This is not in a negative aspect but time to start moving and shaking


Put as much work into it as you want to get out of it!

Do you ever notice that you will see a lot of people exercising day after day but they look exactly the same? Well it could mean a multitude of things but something may or may not be in compliance with them at the time. The objective is to put in the best possible effort you can and let the cards fall where they may. We wont know until we try and the best effort is all we can give with zero regrets!


No one claimed it would be easy!

If they did then its not true and everybody would be jumping on board. You should consider the difficulties as apart of the challenge and what makes it work. There will be sweat, exhaustion, soreness, a bit of irritation among other things but when do we not feel these emotions when it comes to certain situations. The only difference in this one is that we have entered into the situation willingly with the intent of a change occurring right away. In every struggle there is something new to be learned and what you do with that information is up to you.


Act like the champion you are!

You hear more about people that are winners as in 1st in a competitive sport but not much from the people who didn’t. Most are humble admit it wasn’t the result they wanted but was nothing gained? A lot was gained in the entire experience alone, many of your challenges were tested/conquered and lastly you finished strong. You become a champion by embracing the most difficult possible outcomes with humility and strength knowing you did your best. Its easier said then done but yet again it all starts with you. Now that this has been established is time to act so get out there and get moving! :)

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  • Kimmy Robin

    Reminds me of one of the quotes I have on my kitchen cabinet.. “To be a champion you must act like one, act like a champion. -Lou Ferrigno”

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