Hustle Habit Day 6 Workout Challenge

I hope you’re FIRED UP for Day 6 of our fitness journey! Today, we’re revisiting one of our previous workouts, repeating Trim 21 for a second round, to keep the momentum going and build upon the progress you’ve made so far. Take this opportunity to challenge yourself and push beyond your limits.

As you repeat this workout, notice how your strength and endurance have improved since your last session. Embrace the opportunity to push yourself further and strive for even better results. Remember, every rep, every set brings you closer to your goals.

After completing your workout, be sure to check in with the group on Discord. Share your experiences, victories, and any challenges you faced during today’s session. Your journey inspires others, so don’t hesitate to share your insights and support your fellow Roxstars!

Don’t forget to capture a post-workout selfie or video to celebrate your dedication and progress. Share it on Instagram, tagging @IAmRoxieBeckles and using the hashtag #RoxstarFitness. By sharing your journey, you not only motivate others but also hold yourself accountable to your goals.

Let’s make Day 6 another stepping stone towards our ultimate transformation. Push yourself, celebrate your achievements, and continue to embrace the journey ahead. You’re almost done! And I am so proud of your work – now go out there and set that workout on FIRE!