Inner Circle FAQs

My Inner Circle provides an amazing supportive environment and all the tools you need to succeed at ANY fitness goal. But just in case you have a few concerns, here are some commonly asked questions.


Q. I’m a beginner, can I join your site?

A. Although the site is geared towards the intermediate and advanced trainee, beginners can – and have – joined my Inner Circle successfully!


Having a guide that easy to follow has helped them to really get a handle on their training and nutrition. We have workouts in the database that are specific to beginners as well.


Now, this site is not ideal for absolute beginners who have never really been to the gym before. However, if you have had about 1 or 2 years of training under your belt, and you know your way around the weight room, then you will be totally fine.


Q. What makes this site so different than what’s already out there and information I can get for free?

A. It’s easy to find sites where you can get workouts, fully designed training programs, and even meal plans. It’s not easy however to find a site that is also linked with an expert personal trainer and online coach – who is completely accessible to you. And that’s exactly what you have access to here as an Inner Circle member.


Oftentimes, it’s hard to decipher what information is wrong, what’s right, or simply right for you!


You have to spend time painfully sifting through the gimmicks, fads, and pseudoscience in order to get a grasp on what you need to be doing.


Who can you turn to in order to make sure you’re following the correct advice? And what if what you’re doing isn’t optimal, so you follow it blindly, and end up endangering your health in the long run?


My Inner Circle will NEVER let that happen to you, and you can rest assured that the advice I give you, the workouts I create, the meal plans I provide are all based not only in the current science, but back by the real world results that have transformed the bodies and lifestyles of literally hundreds of RoxStars Fitness clients and members.


Q. Am I allowed to reach out to you for questions? And if I want you to write a personalized meal plan or set up, can I get one?

A. ABSOLUTELY! I am on the member forum daily answering questions, so you can always post questions there so that myself and our amazing community of members can give you the support you need.


We have a chat system on the site as well that sends private messages to members, you can also always pull up a chat conversation if you see me online.


And then there’s our Facebook Group where you can join and ask all the questions you may have, post comments, pics, videos, and whatever you wish. Interaction with the community is greatly encouraged.


If you need me to write a one time personalized meal plan or training schedule set up, then you can purchase an upgrade through the site.


Q. Are the workouts easy to follow?

A. Yes absolutely! I have set up the entire program so that all you have to do is take a moment to figure out where you want to start, and then download the content you need to jump into your program right away.


When you get to the gym, you can pull out your program, and simply follow along hitting all of the exercises on the plan. Your reps, sets, tempo, and rest periods are all spelled out. Any additional cues I want you to keep in mind have been written for you right there.


If you don’t know an exercise, you can look it up in our exercise database or run a quick Google video search as I use common gym names for all exercises.


The workouts are delivered in PDF format which is downloadable on the site.


There are hundreds of workouts hitting many body parts, and growing daily.


Q. Are there any long time commitments?

A. Not at all! All payments are month to month. So if you need to step away for a while and cancel your membership, you can easily do so – as well as come back at any time.


Q. Are the meal plans flexible and easy to follow? I hate having to eat the same thing everyday, and get bored with most meal plans. I’m also afraid if there will be enough food on the plan. Can I do IIFYM if I want to?

A. Yes indeed they are! Flexible dieting is at the cornerstone to my approach to nutrition. The last thing any of us want to do is eat the same thing every single day, or to be forced to eat things we don’t even like!


You won’t have to worry about ANY of that with my meal plans!


Although the meal plans are predesigned, they range from 1500-2200 calories per day, and they can be easily tweaked to your liking.


On the site, you have access to my exclusive Food Substitution Calculator! And with that calc, you can swap out any item on your meal plan with another and get a result that is equal to the original food calorie for calorie, macro for macro, gram for gram.


You are encouraged to use the Food Substitution Calculator as often as you wish, as many times a day as you wish.


It is through this simply amazing tool that gives you a flexible approach to eating that not only leads to incredible changes in your body, but establishes habits that will becomes YOUR lifestyle in the long run.


If you have food sensitivities, you can swap out any of the items on the plan with another using the Food Substitution Calculator as well.


And finally, if you prefer the IIFYM lifestyle, you can use my Daily Calories, Macros, and BMR calculator to get the EXACT numbers you need to really see your body take off before your eyes.


The calculator will give you your daily calories (you can choose a deficit for fat loss, surplus for lean building, or simply what you need to maintain), proteins, carbs, and fats to reach your goals all while having energy to live your life – both in and out of the gym.


Q. Do I need to have a gym membership to join?

A. Because our site is geared towards those who love to lift and train hard, many of our members tend to be regular gym goers.


That being said, the programs can be tweaked for at home training, and will be really easy for the most part if you have a set up at home.


We have a number of “At Home/Minimal Equipment” friendly workouts in our database as well. So if you don’t have a gym membership, then you can still get by with training with me.


Q. How soon can I see results?

A. Honestly, that question depends a lot on YOU. I’m giving you everything you need in order to reach your goals successfully, but…


This program requires you to be self-motivated and consistent!


It’s not a magic fix, and you need to come into it with the REAL desire to want to reach your goals. You have to be ready for it, you have to want it… NOW!


I always say that clients should expect to start seeing some positive physical changes about 4-6 weeks after being consistent on any program. And the biggest changes can be seen usually after 12 to 16 weeks of consistency.


And that’s just the beginning. Long term consistency can really see your body evolving like never before, and give you the tools to keep the weight off for good.*


But again your success in my Inner Circle is squarely in your hands, and you will get out of it what you put in.


Q. Can I use this site for contest prep on my own?

A. ABSOLUTELY! I have had several competitors do so, and do it successfully. All of the tools you need are right at your fingertips. You can always reach out for specific questions and further help from me as well.