Get Rid Of Old Habits Keeping You From Losing Fat & Establish New Ones IN 5 DAYS!

Escape the Dreaded Fitness Rut! My 5-Day Habit Changing Challenge is Your Rescue from Plateau Hell

Designed for Women 30s, 40s, 50s, and Beyond Seeking Breakthroughs from Frustration to Triumph by Radically Changing Your Habits for Rapid Results!

Quietly touch your heart if what I’m about to say resonates with you.

You’re no stranger to training.

You’ve been at it for quite some time, achieving remarkable success in the past. Staying committed to a training and diet regimen was once effortless, and your body responded promptly to your efforts.

But somewhere along the journey, you lost that spark.

The vibrant version of yourself has faded into a distant memory.

You find yourself inconsistent with your workouts and eating habits, lacking the motivation you once had. Despite your efforts, you’re unable to regain the consistency you crave.

Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau, feeling trapped in a cycle of stagnation regardless of your attempts to break free. It’s left you feeling defeated.

Your clothes hang in the back of the closet, a painful reminder of the discomfort you feel in your own skin. Each glance in the mirror reflects a shadow of your former self.

The guilt weighs heavy as you long for change.

You’re tired of feeling this way, yearning for a transformation.

But where do you start? Changing your habits is the key, but the path forward seems uncertain.

You’ve tried everything, but literally nothing seems to be working for you.

  • From juice fasting
  • To low-carb dieting
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Eating one meal a day
  • Doing a ton of cardio
  • Downloading fitness apps
  • Following workout videos on YouTube

You’ve tried it all, but nothing seems to stick.

Doing it by yourself is just not working.

It doesn’t have the same impact. You need help.

Having a group of other women trying to achieve the same goals would be so amazing. And if you had a coach cheering you on and keeping you accountable, you’d do even better.

The one thing you know is that your habits have to change, otherwise, you will stay the same and continue to hate what you see when you look in the mirror.

I Want You To STEP BACK From The Ledge And Don't Lose Hope! I've Got The Perfect Solution To Get Your DREAM BODY Back By Establishing New Habits In As Little As 5 DAYS!

Best Of All... It's Totally FREE! There's ZERO Risk To Transform Your Entire Fitness Life Right Now!

Healthy Habits Hustle 5-Day Challenge

Radically Transform Your Fitness Journey To Get REAL Results Now

Now is the Time to Take Action!

Rewrite your story, reclaim your health, and get on the path to your dream body. My exclusive five-day challenge will push you to step outside of your comfort zone, reignite your passion for fitness, and establish healthy habits that last.

Don’t wait any longer. Enroll now and start your journey to a healthier, happier you!

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My name is Roxie Beckles.

I’m a Los Angeles based NASM certified personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, online coach, IFBB Pro and 2014 Olympian who has been transforming lives through diet and training since 1997. 

I am passionate about helping women like you to get unstuck and create their “BEST BODY YET” through a smarter approach to health and fitness.

In fact, I crafted this program with women like you in mind because I’ve walked the same path you’re on now.

As a professional who inspires others to greatness every single day, I’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles many face when trying to regain control of their health.

The journey isn’t easy; it’s filled with frustration and moments where finding the strength and focus to push forward seems impossible.

I understand those struggles because I’ve faced them myself.

It’s why I believe reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness but a courageous step toward reclaiming your well-being.

In My Career, I've Guided Over 1,000 Women Toward Their Dream Bodies

Don’t you deserve the same opportunity?

I don’t want to make empty promises…

I want to be clear about who this five-day challenge is perfect for and who it may not be suited for.

  • Women who are eager to step outside their comfort zones.
  • Women ready to commit to getting back in the gym.
  • Women determined to start eating healthier.
  • Women motivated to take control of their health and fitness.
  • Women seeking guidance and accountability.
  • Women looking to reclaim their confidence and well-being.
  • Women willing to prioritize their health and fitness goals.
  • Women open to trying a new approach to reaching their dream body.
  • Women who are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to make a change.
  • Women ready to take the process of getting on track seriously.
  • Women who want to feel younger than their age.
  • Women who want to defy society’s standards about what it is to be a mature, vibrant, thriving woman.
  • Women who want to regain their confidence.

And just so we can be clear, I want to also point out who this is absolutely NOT for – this program will not help you if you identify with any of this…

  • Women who are not willing to invest time and effort into their health and fitness.
  • Women looking for a quick fix or magic solution without putting in the work.
  • Women who are not open to trying new approaches or stepping outside their comfort zones.
  • Women who are not committed to making sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • Women who are satisfied with their current fitness level and do not desire further improvement.
  • Women who are not willing to participate in a supportive group environment.
  • Women who are not prepared to invest in themselves financially.
  • Women who are not open to receiving guidance or accountability from a coach.

Now That You Know This Program Exists, Here's How It Will Change Your Habits Over The Next 5 Days

Now that you know about this program, I want to share with you the incredible journey you’re about to embark on.

Picture yourself five days from now, waking up feeling refreshed, energized, and excited for the day ahead.

As you begin your morning routine, you feel a sense of empowerment knowing that you’re taking charge of your health and well-being.

Throughout the day, you find yourself making mindful choices, effortlessly choosing nourishing foods that fuel your body and support your goals. You breeze through your workouts with newfound strength and determination, each rep bringing you closer to your fitness aspirations.

With each passing day, you feel a shift within yourself, a newfound confidence and resilience that propels you forward.

By the end of the five days, you’ll look back and marvel at how much you’ve accomplished, both physically and mentally.

You’ll emerge from this experience with a renewed sense of self, armed with the tools and mindset to continue your journey towards lasting health and vitality.

Day 1: Uncovering Your “Guttural Why”

  • Day 1 marks the beginning of your transformative journey towards reclaiming power and reshaping mindset.
  • We focus on uncovering your intrinsic motivation, your “guttural why,” to keep you driven.
  • You’ll engage in a heart-pumping HIIT workout to ignite metabolism and begin your fat-burning journey.
  • Nutrition-wise, you’ll track caloric intake and incorporate essential fruits and vegetables into your meals.
  • It’s the foundation for a nourishing and balanced lifestyle as you unleash your inner powerhouse.

Day 2: Cultivating A Winning Mindset

  • Let’s dive into our coaching session today, where we’ll work on building that winning mindset to tackle any challenge head-on.
  • We’re upping our game in the nutrition department by doubling down on the goodness of fruits and veggies.
  • Time to hit the pavement for some cardio! Whether it’s a brisk walk or a run, let’s soak in the energy and joy of movement.

Day 3: How Long Does Progress REALLY Take?

  • Embark on a coaching session journey focusing on understanding the nature of progress. Discover how your fitness journey is like a winding road, with ups, downs, and unexpected turns.
  • Feel the energy coursing through your veins as you engage in a rejuvenating cardio workout.
  • Stay hydrated and refreshed with our Water Consumption Challenge.
  • Embrace the colorful bounty of nature by selecting two fruits and two vegetables from our curated lists. Explore new flavors, textures, and nutrients as you incorporate these wholesome foods into your daily meals.

Day 4: Work Closely With Me As Your Coach

  • Today, we’re taking your fitness journey to the next level with a heart pounding metabolic circuit to burn fat and incinerate calories.
  • Get ready for personalized guidance to fine-tune your habits and conquer your fitness goals with a LIVE masterclass to discuss your game plan beyond our 5 days.
  • Ask questions and get support in our exclusive LIVE group coaching call.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals, share your progress, and celebrate your victories with our supportive community.

Day 5: Celebrating Progress & Our Final Destination

  • Submit your final check-in to compare your progress over the last five days and celebrate your achievements.
  • Discuss strategies to stay focused and motivated on your fitness journey moving forward.
  • Explore options to participate in the upcoming 21-Day Challenge, designed to further enhance your transformation journey and help you achieve your dream body.

This is a LIVE 5-day challenge that you will be doing as a part of a group of women working towards a common goal. It is led as a “group coaching” cohort where you all start and finish at the same time.

I lead it personally, and you will have lots of support and accountability along the way with our private Discord server, website, live Zoom coaching calls, pre-recorded masterclasses, and printable PDF workouts.

No! I’ve designed the workout portion to be able to be done at home or at the gym.

You will need minimal gym equipment for the home-based workouts. A stability ball, a set of light/medium/heavy dumbbells, and resistance bands are all you need to get started.

The cardio portion does call for a treadmill, but these same workouts can be done as an outdoor run/walk. You may also use the bike or elliptical if that’s available to you.

While this program is not suitable for the novice, it is perfect for you if you have at least 1-2 years of experience in the gym or with working out.

You understand basic gym moves/exercises (squat, lunge, chest press, rows, bicep curls, etc) and can execute them with proper form.

You should also be injury free, or at least be intuitive enough to adjust things should you feel any kind of pain or discomfort.

This 5-day challenge is designed to BEGIN the process of helping you to get back on track.

So the nutrition portion is focused on calorie counting over the initial 5 days of this journey for you.

We want to simply instill a good habit that you can take away and apply to your approach to fitness RIGHT NOW. Habits that lead to long-term change.

You will use our calculator to figure out your daily calories for your goals, and I encourage you to track your meals using My Fitness Pal.

In addition, for accountability, you will have easy-to-complete mini assignments of taking a photo of your meals and sharing them in our Discord server throughout the challenge.

This is a similar kind of concept. Except we use Discord as our main hub for community building and connection.

Facebook has gotten very volatile over the years. From dealing with crazy posts on your timeline, to the wonky algorithm that decreases reach for groups and pages all over the app. We don’t want to be beholden to the whims of Zuckerberg.

So instead, we do all of our community building and connection with our RoxStars on Discord.

Discord is a FREE app that runs like a combination between a forum and instant messenger.

You’ll love that it is easy to use and can be accessed from any device whether mobile or computer.

YES! You’ll be interacting with me directly.

I started my online business back in 2010, working with clients from around the globe.

From day 1, it’s been IMPERATIVE to me that I know every single client who comes through my doors seeking my guidance and expertise.

I’ve built my company’s platform with systems in mind. Systems that help me to run things on autopilot, which frees up my time to actually coach my clients and to build a REAL relationship with each one.

This is no different.

You’ll be able to touch base with me via WhatsApp, Zoom, phone conference calls, and Discord.

I’m a real person, and someone who will directly interact with you.

You’ll also have access to my “one-of-a-kind” Ai Coach Roxie which I call my “Success Coach.” It’s an Ai clone of my very known knowledge, 25+ years of expertise, professional experience, and personal “voice” programmed into an ai chatbot that is available to answer your questions 24/7 EXACTLY as I would.

This means you have help at all times, no matter the time, or where you are on the globe.

Your success is MY success! And I’m here to help you to get REAL results.

There is NO catch!

This program is designed to be the CATALYST of transformation for you.

To get you off your butt, get out of that funk, and start you on the path to what you need to do to see things moving again.

But of course, nothing long-term can be done in just 5 days alone.

You’re going to need to continue the work. And that’s where I come in, once again.

At the end of the 5 days, I’m going to give you an offer…

  • I’m NOT going to sell you.
  • I’m NOT going to beg you.
  • I’m NOT going to force you.

I will present you with an opportunity to continue the process we’ve started by telling you about my 21-day program that follows the same kind of setup as this.

A group coaching cohort that you’ll do LIVE with me, and some of the women who started this 5-day challenge with you, where we will be reaching for a common goal…

Taking this 5-day challenge and 10x-ing it!

Keep you accountable and consistent over 21 days to get RAPID results, fast fat loss, real toning, building strength, and building your confidence so you can finally start to love what you see when you look in the mirror again.

I’ll tell you more about it as we near the end of the 5-days.

And if you think it’s right for you… Sign up! That simple.

Healthy Habits Hustle 5-Day Challenge

Radically Transform Your Fitness Journey To Get REAL Results Now

Now is the Time to Take Action!

Rewrite your story, reclaim your health, and get on the path to your dream body. My exclusive five-day challenge will push you to step outside of your comfort zone, reignite your passion for fitness, and establish healthy habits that last.

Don’t wait any longer. Enroll now and start your journey to a healthier, happier you!

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Achieve The Body Of Your Dreams, You OWE IT TO YOURSELF To Take The First Step To Make That Goal Your Reality - In As Little As 5 Days

Before I wrap things up, I want to make something crystal clear to you.

It’s hard to get the ball rolling on your own.

It’s hard to will yourself to get back on track.

And that’s why it is my pleasure, my duty, my obligation, and my honor to work with you through this hard time.

As a fitness professional, I take pride in helping women to get from their lowest point to their highest point mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally when it comes to their fitness journey. I call it the Four Pillars of Fitness. And you have to have a holistic approach in order to have true success in this game.

The first step to having success is establishing new habits.

This five-day challenge is enough time:

  • to start you on the right path
  • to put one foot in front of the other
  • to reclaim your health
  • to reclaim your body and your confidence
  • to have you feeling normal again, back to your old self, but better.

And all it will take is just five days of your focus and commitment and bringing your A-game, not as a promise to me, but as a promise to yourself.

Because you deserve the best, including the best of yourself.

Get yourself signed up, and I cannot wait to see you on day one.

Yours truly,

Coach Roxie

Healthy Habits Hustle 5-Day Challenge

Radically Transform Your Fitness Journey To Get REAL Results Now

Now is the Time to Take Action!

Rewrite your story, reclaim your health, and get on the path to your dream body. My exclusive five-day challenge will push you to step outside of your comfort zone, reignite your passion for fitness, and establish healthy habits that last.

Don’t wait any longer. Enroll now and start your journey to a healthier, happier you!

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