September 9, 2018: Pose Like a RoxStar: Online Group Posing Session – Figure and Women’s Physique


You Don’t Just Win Shows Based on Your Conditioning… You WIN Because You Know EXACTLY HOW to Present Your BEST LOOK to the Judges!


You’ve put all this work into your training and diet. But guess what… If you don’t know how to present that package on stage, you’ll get beaten out by the next girl who didn’t work as hard, or who doesn’t look as good as you!

Posing and presentation is EVERYTHING in this game. And I want to show you EXACTLY how to present YOUR best on stage. My clients have gone from green beginners to seasoned competitors in a matter of a few sessions.

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If you’ve got a show coming up, it’s going to be absolutely CRUCIAL that you learn exactly how to present your body the right way to the judges. Look… That panel doesn’t care about how many hours you took to train for the show, how much cardio you did, what your story was about why you started competing.

The ONE AND ONLY thing they see with every competitor standing up there is how they look compared to the others. How competitor #46 looks vs competitior #59. And if you want to beat out your competition, each and every time, then learning and knowing exactly how to pose for YOUR physique is absolutely crucial.


My Pose Like a RoxStar Online Group Posing Workshop is Laser Focused on Helping You to Raise The Bar On Stage – and Help You to Stand Out From the Crowd!


I developed an excellent way of working with ALL of my 1-on-1 coaching clients on perfecting their posing, from no matter where they are in the world!

You might THINK that you need a posing coach who is right there, in the same room with, but that’s simply not the case – IF you work with someone who fully understand the body, knows EXACTLY what the judges want and expect, has real world hands on experience themselves as a competitor, and has an eye for helping posing clients spectacularly and almost magically learning how to hide their flaws, and show off their strengths.

Here’s the thing…

I’ve gone from an amateur NPC competitor to Olympian – all while teaching myself how to properly pose along the way.




When you’ve talked to judges from coast to coast, and spent years of your life as a professional dancer and performer, there is a deeper understanding of how to pose and move on stage with elegance, finesse, poise, and confidence. All the things that catches the judges’ eyes. And the exact elements of the art of posing that I want to teach to you!


Here’s What You’ll Get Once You Sign Up…


So the main objective of this online coaching workshop is to have you walk away feeling simply AMAZINGLY CONFIDENT to hit up your next show. Now, you DO NOT have to have an upcoming show to do this workshop.

Here’s who is it absolutely perfect for…


  • Beginner or aspiring competitors who have never competed, and want to start working on posing NOW to have a sense of what they need to do on stage.
  • Current competitors who have a show coming up, and want to work closely with me to tweak and perfect your presentation.
  • Current off-season competitors who know and understand the immense value there is in continuing to work on perfecting your posing while in off-season. You understand it’s too late to simply start working on this stuff only weeks before you’re to step on stage.
  • Anyone who wants to pick up some tips when it comes to posing, and how you can better present your physique for a winning look on stage.


Pose Like a RoxStar Online Posing Workshop Agenda


  • 90 minute group posing session over Skype.
  • You’ll work closely with Roxie as she evaluates your physique and helps you to find and perfect your perfect angles.
  • Let Roxie help to create your TOTAL PACKAGE look!
  • You’ll get direct by e-mail suit, physique, and personal feedback & posing notes evaluation from Roxie. This will help you to continue working on your own successfully, and even give you advice on what you need to consider when it comes to your training. Roxie will give you tips on how to structure your training split to improve your weaker body parts and accentuate your strengths.


Online Participation Ticket – $77

If you wish to actually BE ON CAMERA and work with Roxie in this workshop with full posing instruction, and the above extras, then this is the ticket you want to purchase.

You will be sent a form to submit your current photos and information so Roxie can closely go over your needs, and lend personal feedback.