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Below you’ll be able to sort and find the perfect training schedule split for your availability and goals. Once you find out what schedule you wish to follow, you can go back and pair up the appropriate workouts. Some of our earlier training schedules are more template style, so you can fill in the appropriate workouts yourself. Our latter training schedules all have specific workouts linked to them.

Feel free to use your own workouts, but keep in mind our workouts are all designed to work PERFECTLY with our training split schedules.

Here are a few steps to guide you to finding the right set up:


Option 1: Decide How Many Days You Will Be Training

You can choose how many days of the week you’ll be working out, and we’ll show you the appropriate schedules for your availability across ALL categories in the system.




Option 2: Choose A Schedule With A Specific Goal Or Focus, AND How Many Days You Wish To Train

We have plans that are lean building or fat loss specific, specialized training programs per body part, and other goal specific set ups. Instead of sorting through splits set by the number of training days, you can sort by focus instead. You can also choose how many days you have available to train.

Note: Using this option can help you to fine tune the results, but choosing TOO MANY options can result in the system not finding what you need, so choose and adjust accordingly.


Option 3: Sort By Date

If you want to see our newest or older workouts, simply use this sort feature to organize them.


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