5 Strategies for a Smarter Contest Prep Diet

Here’s the thing about contest prep dieting… This shit ain’t rocket science!

Yet, I can’t even begin to tell you the countless mistakes that people make when it comes to how they diet for shows. From extreme starvation diets, to eliminating entire food groups, eating EXTREMELY low carbs while keeping fats just as low, to eating white fish and asparagus for almost every meal… Countless numbers of competitors are making the SAME mistakes over and over, while still not seeing better results. In fact, many female competitors end up with metabolic issues, excessive weight gain, depression and more post contest. All which could be avoided when the proper techniques for dieting are put into place in the FIRST PLACE! This webinar will go over with you some of my top dieting tips and strategies that have helped my clients go from being good competitors to GREAT competitors. I’ll teach you some of my methods that I have found to be, not only scientifically proven effective, but real world tested – and have helped my clients to transform their bodies like never before.