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May 2017 – Monthly Agenda & Assignments: Content Recap + Refocus Challenges

What's up !  May is here and my primary focus and goal for each of you this month is to bring you back to the center. I notice that for some of you, you're still struggling to f

Bigger, Faster, STRONGER! Personal Best Shattering Challenge

My goal for you this month is to focus on how you can raise the bar in the gym, and challenge yourself by testing and pushing your strength! This challenge is a very easy one to participa...

April 2017 – Monthly Agenda & Assignments: Renewal in Your Diet and Training

Spring is here and I am SUPER stoked to bring about a whole new outlook on my training and nutrition - and I want to bring that to you guys too.   Coaching Podcast Session of the Mo

March 2017 – Inner Circle Client’s Only – Live Q&A

We had some really great questions this month! Here are a few: How do you handle non supportive family members? How do you get into meditation for your goals? What do you think ...

Legs Super Pump Plyo and Strength Workout

Program Introduction: This workout is a great get in gear program from Coach Sam! Our main focus is going to be firing up those legs with an intense mix of supersets and plyos! Let's sha

Shoulder Power Strength Assault Workout

Program Introduction: We've got a great kick azz workout by way of Coach Sam for you! Training your upper body is without a doubt the straight path to a strong core, great arms, a sexy back, and just

(Webinar Replay) Cardio and Strength Tips to Maximize Your Results

Cardio and Strength Tips to Maximize Your Results  Synopsis:You’re training hard in the gym, but what’s more important than training hard is training SMART. Today’s webinar

(Webinar Replay) Discovering Your Perfect Macros and Calories Based on Body Type

This month’s webinar is going to cover a GREAT topic for those really looking to step up their nutrition game and take greater control over their diet. Our webinar will focus on discuss...

I Can, I Will, I MUST – March 2017 – 25 Day Challenge

   Welcome to our challenge for this month! One of the things I want to bring focus to for the month of March is giving you guys the opportunity to step up yo...

March 2017 – Monthly Agenda & Assignments: Be Inspired + 25 Day Transformation Challenge

View Printable Document Here - Do not use the PDF link on the post. I'm super stoked about this month! I've got a lot of things planned for you to stay on track, stay accountable, and sta

Drop the Frustration and Confusion. Get on the Fast Track to Your Goals!

You've been trying to do this stuff on your own for a while I bet, but here's the thing... You DO NOT have to do it alone! My Inner Circle provides you with all the tools you need to be successful at your body transformation goals, to work on your own, but still have connection to an amazing and EXPERIENCED expert trainer and coach to answer questions, keep you motivated, focused, and ready to reach the body of your dreams. Here are a few other features to help you along the way.

Inner Circle FAQs

My Inner Circle provides an amazing supportive environment and all the tools you need to succeed at ANY fitness goal. But just in case you have a few concerns, here are some commonly asked questions. 
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