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DB Bent Over Row Deadlift

Looking for a way to kill two birds with ONE stone, tighten up the legs, and build/tone your upper back at the same time?   How about if I threw in some core tightening and strengthening be...

25 Day Compliance Challenge

I'm SUPER excited to kick off this series for our Inner Circle Group Coaching Program.   My MAIN goal for each of you is to see you SUCCEED at your goals. So each month, I'm going to presen...

Tips to Work the Hell Outta The 21 Day Fat Shredder Solution

Ok! So we're on a roll, you've got your plan and we are aimed to KILL!   But before we can do ANY of that, I want to just go over a few commonly asked questions to help keep you focused and...

Month 9: Full Body Lean Build Phase 2

I hope you really enjoyed Phase 1 and kicked some major ass in the gym!   Well, now it's time to step up into Phase 2.    Our goal is still a solid lean build to bring some shape

Negative Reps Chest & Triceps Workout 2

Program Introduction: This program is all about giving a REAL challenge to the chest and triceps! And to do that we are going to really kick negative reps in high gear.   The "negative" po

Centipede Climber

Awesome new move to throw into your mix! I call these Centipede Climbers. GREAT move to get the heart rate up, add a little cardio element to your workouts, and to throw in between sets - or perhaps i

Squat + High Knees Punch – Exercise Demo

This is a great move to get the heart rate up, and to get a nice cardio push in your workouts! It targets the legs, the abs, the shoulders (front head), and triceps as well. Chest gets a little push a

Negative Reps Chest & Triceps Workout

Program Introduction: This program is all about giving a REAL challenge to the chest and triceps! And to do that we are going to really kick negative reps in high gear. The "negative" portion of

June 2016 Live Q and A Video Chat

Did you miss our Live Q and A session this week? We had a REALLY great group conversation that I want you to catch up on. I got some really awesome questions that came in this month, and I'm sure a lo

Month 7: 4 Day Split Burn and Tone

Ok ok! I hope you are READ-TY! This month we are going to switch things up a bit - while still focusing on stepping up your game - no excuses!  For this month I want to give you a 4 day split, bu

Here's How My Inner Circle Can Transform Your Body... And Your Life.

The RoxStar Fitness Inner Circle is an extension of my exclusive coaching services. If your goal is to get into the best shape of your life, and you want to do it in an amazingly supportive environment, get your meal plan and training program all in one place - and sent to you directly... Yet work at your own pace and on your own terms... My Inner Circle is PERFECT for you. Here's what you'll get by becoming a member.

Drop the Frustration and Confusion. Get on the Fast Track to Your Goals!

You've been trying to do this stuff on your own for a while I bet, but here's the thing... You DO NOT have to do it alone! My Inner Circle provides you with all the tools you need to be successful at your body transformation goals, to work on your own, but still have connection to an amazing and EXPERIENCED expert trainer and coach to answer questions, keep you motivated, focused, and ready to reach the body of your dreams. Here are a few other features to help you along the way.

Inner Circle FAQs

My Inner Circle provides an amazing supportive environment and all the tools you need to succeed at ANY fitness goal. But just in case you have a few concerns, here are some commonly asked questions. 
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