Exercise Database & Video Tutorials

Welcome to our exercise database. To begin, enter the name of the exercise you’d like to review below. You may sort exercises by body part, modality, level, and whether it’s gym/home friendly.

If an exercise you need isn’t there or a video link is missing, simply shoot us an email at [email protected].

This is a growing database, and it’s pretty large as well. So give it a few moments to load up. If you are having any issues, simply contact us at the email above so we can further assist you.

If you have some basic questions about swapping exercises or need a suggestion for replacements, please head over to Ai Coach Roxie and ask her your questions. If you need further clarification, hop on over to Discord where we can assist you in real time.

Exercise Name: If you know the name of the specific exercise you’re looking for, enter it in the box below. Then, simply hit “Search” and you’ll be given the link to the tutorial for that specific move.

Body Parts Trained: This does not have to be checked off if you are using the exercise name search. Instead, if you are looking to replace an exercise on your plan and you want the new one to match the body part you’re training, you can use this to search the entire database for an appropriate swap.

At Home Friendly: By choosing this option, you can sort the Body Parts Trained with either gym or home versions in the sort result. If you don’t choose a specific body part to train when you click this option, an entire list of either gym or at-home exercises will pop up. You can also use this to search the Exercise Name feature to swap out gym moves for home moves, and IF available replacement moves are available, it will return a result for the appropriate swap.

Exercise NameBody Parts TrainedModalityDifficultyAt Home Friendly?Video Demo
Exercise NameBody Parts TrainedModalityDifficultyAt Home Friendly?Video Demo