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  • Take Responsibility for Your Goals – Coaching Module

    The biggest threat I see (as a coach) that hinders most people when it comes to success with their goals is rooted in psyching out. When I say that I mean that we are often victims of the stories we tell ourselves – about ourselves.

    The one thing I want you to embrace is this mindset that “can’t” doesn’t exist. An inability in the moment? Perhaps. A challenge that will take work and effort to overcome? Absolutely. But NEVER being able to achieve your fitness goals? NOPE!

    With this coaching session, I want to get into your head. I want to remove those limiting beliefs that you’ve held close to the vest for far too long. And I want to give you the fuel you need to step outside of your comfort zone, dare to dream, and take your fitness lifestyle to the next level.

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  • I Am Enough And I Deserve To Have My Needs Met – Guided Meditation

    How often do you find yourself giving your energy over to others - all while not having YOUR needs met. It's a common situation many women find themselves in time and again. We pour our whole selves into what others need and want from us. All while denying that we ourselves need support, need a [...] Continue Reading