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  • Spiritual Sloth And How It Damages Your Fitness Motivation

    Get ready for an eye-opening journey where faith and fitness intersect. In today’s podcast, we’re redefining the concept of sloth and its connection to your fitness journey.

    The media bombards us with unrealistic standards, leaving us feeling inadequate. It’s time to unplug from the noise and rediscover your purpose through spirituality.

    True health comes from within; your body is a vessel for your well-being. Let’s tackle the concept of sloth through spiritual fitness for a profound fitness journey. Are you ready to join me?”

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  • Ignore the Scale! It’s a Liar! Do This Instead.

    I can’t tell you how many times during the course of a client’s time in working with me that I have to stop to remind them of the big picture of the work their putting in.

    I mean think of yourself for a moment… Does the scale trip you up?

    Do you ever feel like things are going SO well, you’re looking great, your head is in the game, your clothes are fitting differently, and you’re seeing that progress in the mirror. The body literally changing before your eyes.

    Then, one day you decide it’s time to see what you weigh… I mean SURELY, you should be down several pounds by now.

    You step on that scale, and then BAM!

    You haven’t lost a damn thing! Or maybe you only lost like 1 pound (or less). Or even worse…. You may have even GAINED WEIGHT!

    And then you’re sitting there like, “OMFG! How in the hell did THIS happen!?”. I mean you’re working so SOO hard, and doing everything right, and still… Nothing is changing.

    Well let me take a moment to shine a light of reality on this situation for you.

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  • Soul On Fire Ep 6 | The LONG GAME When It Comes To Your Fitness Journey

    In this episode of Soul On Fire Podcast, I want to unlock the POWERFUL secret to true “longevity” when it comes to your fitness goals, and making this a true lifestyle. Let’s cut through the noise of quick fixes and embrace a perspective that goes beyond today’s gains.

    Join me on a journey of self-discovery and real growth, where every choice you make today becomes a cornerstone for a stronger, healthier future.

    I’ve walked the path from dance floors to bodybuilding arenas, and now I’m here to share hard-earned wisdom. Let’s dive deep, redefining our fitness journey for the long haul.

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  • Carrying Your Cross To Victory | Coaching Message of the Month

    In this motivational video, I’ll share an important concept that resonates deeply with our fitness endeavors – carrying our cross. Delving into spirituality with this one, I want to use the powerful analogy of how we see Jesus Christ as carrying His own cross before achieving victory, we too must face and embrace our struggles in order to triumph.

    What would your cross look like?

    Your cross is any barrier or obstacle that holds you back, whether it’s stress, hectic schedules, or old habits. We want to be able to identify these challenges and give ourselves grace when needed. In this video, we’ll discover the power of perseverance, discipline, and faith in overcoming obstacles and achieving lasting transformation.

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  • How To Look Like You’re 10 Years Younger (But Also Not GAF)

    Want to know the secret to a timeless, anti aging, youthful glow? It’s all about fitness, my friend! In today’s video, I want to share my tips about how to look like you’re 10 years younger than your biological age. Let’s say good-bye to insecurities around something we’re all doing every single day – AGING! And say hello to a confident, vibrant you.

    I want to pep you up in this quick motivational chat, and dive into the power of fitness to unleash your inner glow, embracing your unique beauty and feeling amazing at any stage of life. And we’ll also discuss how to do unlock the key to anti aging, staying young, and feel confident about yourself – NATURALLY!

    So buckle up buttercup! Let’s dive into how to look younger than your age.

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  • Start With WHY | Coaching Message

    I know that a lot of folks struggle with motivation and getting back on track to their goals.

    It takes a lot to stay consistent. It takes a lot to just find the fire within you to do the work.

    I would be lying if I said I haven’t been there a time or two myself…

    One of the BEST ways I’ve found to really re-connect with your fitness goals and to simply keep on the path to your success is by meditating on your WHY.

    So in this coaching lesson, I want to dig a little further into what that means.

    And hopefully by the end, give you the fire you need to get up, get serious, get moving, and get those results.

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  • Freeing Yourself From The Scale and Its Control Over You

    It’s so crazy how a little number can have a huge impact on your self worth, right? If I can name the ONE thing that tends to throw off clients, it’s their obsession with the scale. For so long, we’ve ALL been taught to “stay at that number”… But what if that number changes? What […]

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