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    4 Day Split Schedules

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The following schedules were put together with a variety of training goals in mind. We have programs for every level and training goal. Pay attention to the tags under each workout.

Training Schedules and Splits are available to members only.

  • Power Pulse: Full Body Fury

    Get ready to embark on the exhilarating fitness journey of a lifetime with “Power Pulse: Full Body Fury”! This four-day program is not just a workout; it’s a thrill ride of strength, determination, and transformation. Each session is a powerhouse of intensity, sculpting your body from head to toe and pushing you to crush limits you never thought possible. The fiery energy infused into every workout creates an atmosphere of unstoppable determination.

    But that’s not all—brace yourself for heart-pounding cardio bursts that will set your passion for fitness ablaze. “Power Pulse” isn’t just a program; it’s a commitment to unleashing your best self. Expect to emerge stronger, more resilient, and with a newfound confidence in your abilities. Join the excitement, embrace the challenge, and let the transformation unfold. Are you ready to experience the thrill of “Power Pulse: Full Body Fury” and discover the incredible benefits awaiting you?

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  • Upper Lower Simple Push Pull – 3 to 4 Days/Week – Cycle 2

    Hey, are you ready to rock out Cycle 2 of this workout program? I know you’ve been putting in the hard work during the previous training cycle, so let’s keep building on that foundation!

    This program is perfect for those who want something easy to follow, yet effective. Whether you’re just starting out on a new fitness journey or need some extra motivation, this plan is designed to keep you focused on beating your personal best each week.

    So, for the next four weeks, you’ll be hitting the gym four times a week to work on your strength and endurance. And here’s the exciting part – you can make this workout program as challenging as you want it to be! Keep a training log and aim to improve your numbers every week. Trust me, seeing your progress will give you the motivation to keep pushing yourself harder.

    You’ll be hitting different muscle groups throughout the week, ensuring that your whole body gets a good workout. It’s not going to be easy, but it’ll be worth it. Let’s rock out and crush these workouts together!

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  • Upper Lower Simple Push Pull – 3 to 4 Days/Week – Cycle 1

    This is the perfect plan for those of you who just want something simple enough to follow for a few weeks. Perhaps you’re just starting out on a new program, or you just want something that will help keep you motivated in the gym, focused on besting your best from week to week. Well! Here is my gift to you!

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  • Four Days To Glory – Total Body Recomping Training Program

    Who says you need to spend everyday in the gym to see progress? You don’t! With this program we are going to rock out a solid 4 days in the gym. During these workouts though, you know you’re going to be pushed to your limits!

    Around the 3rd week on the plan, up your weights to beat your numbers set in the previous two. And, I’d suggest to follow this one for a good 4-6 weeks or so. We’re hitting up 2 days of total body workouts, one upper, and one lower body day. So even though we’re only jamming 4 days during the week, we are STILL hitting everything from head to toe.

    If you want to add a 5th day, that’s cool. Perhaps do something that’s a full cardio only day for active recovery vs adding an extra workout would be a good idea here.

    Also, this workout is perfect for an “active rest” type of week. If you did one of our more strenuous cycles, this is a great way to allow your body to recover while staying active in the gym.

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