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  • Love Handle Widowmaker Workout – 5 Mins Flat Tummy Tight Waist Workout

    Want a quick way to get rid of love handles? I’ve got the perfect ab workout for you that you can do in just 5 mins! We’ll not only burn a ton of calories, but we’ll also get a tighter waist, flatten your belly, strengthen your core, and more!

    Melt away body fat and get rid of those unsightly love handles with this 5 minute challenging flat abs workout.

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  • Abdominal Apocalypse: Total Body Core and Balance Workout

    Did you know that Your core does not consist solely of your abdominal muscles? Your core consists of 27 muscles including: glutes, hamstrings, and your back.  

    Utilizing supersets, this workout incorporates not only core strengthening exercises, for these areas, but also exercises to improve flexibility in the low back area which is commonly tight, overactive, and prevents your deep set abdominal muscles from firing properly.  We have also included exercises to improve hip mobility which will help you squat deeper and engage your glutes more during your squats.

    All you need is a set of heavy and light dumbbells to get it going!  Get ready for a core centric workout!!

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  • Restorative Stretch Posture and Ab Tightening Workout

    Flexibility and mobility is a crucial part of your body transformation process. Here’s the thing… You don’t have to spend a lot of time on stretching to reap the benefits. This total body flexibility workout proves it with stretches so simple, you can do them anytime or anywhere—after a workout, at work, or when you’re at home watching TV. And can be completed in less than 20 mins.

    This program promotes flexibility and relaxation – all while improving your posture. We’ll target all the major muscles of the body, including those that are chronically tight like the chest, shoulders, back, arms, hips, and legs. Try to work this into your training program as often as you can for best results.

    Try this workout to get rid of any extra tension you may be carrying around, to target the core, and to add the mobility you need to keep your body balanced and pain free.

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  • Six Pack Abs Strength Workout

    Program Introduction: Deleted: This workout is designed to give your abs a real kick in the pants. You’ll hit the core from all angles with this one. Challenge yourself! Before beginning this program you must read the following Disclaimer and Terms of Use. You acknowledge that you follow this workout – or any other workout […]

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