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  • Back Width and Front Shoulders Hypertrophy 1

    I talk a lot about building a solid X-frame in our work together, and the biggest factor in that is having an impressive V-shaped back. And this isn’t something that’s reserved for the competitor. If building an hourglass physique that’s tight and toned is a goal for you, then you’ll love this workout!

    In it we are focusing on building muscle and creating some nice width in the lats. Additionally, we are hitting up the front shoulders to give you a shape that impresses not just from the back, but the front as well. Let’s raise the bar, and give you the right to bare back, shoulders and arms!

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  • Back Thickness and Rear Delts 1

    This workout is the perfect companion to our Back Width Front Shoulder Program. In fact, I encourage you to do them in the same training cycle on different days. This workout focuses on carving out the detail in your back. From the top of your shoulders to the base of your spine, our goal is to not only help you to create that beautiful hourglass/x-frame physique, but to also be able to wow the crowd with the definition and tonality in the dynamic muscles in your back.

    And not only that, we’ll also be throwing in some rear shoulder work to carve out the posterior delts. Grab your notebook, let’s get in there, beat your numbers and kick up your back training to the next level.

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  • Chest And Back Mix – Home or Gym Based Workout

    Get ready to kick up your upper body workout with this one! I've specifically tailored this workout for those who may be training at home. But the great thing is that you can hit it up at the gym as well. It's a sweat-breaking mix of supersets and moderate to heavy training which is PERFECT [...] Continue Reading
  • Back And Shoulder Sculpt Strengthen Grow

    Let's take your training to the next level! Add these CRAZY GOOD exercises to grow and tone your back and shoulders! The secret to achieving an hourglass shape starts with doing exercises that widen your back and make your waist look SUPER TINY. And when you tone and round off your shoulders, you'll have an [...] Continue Reading
  • Strength Workout Upper Body #1 – Part 1

    Program Introduction: This is a bit of a mixed bag program. It’s focused on really pushing you in a gym with a basic type of set up. Your goal is to try to beat your numbers! So the best approach would be to follow this workout for about 2-4 weeks (and longer if you wish), […]

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