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  • Chest, Triceps and Abs 2

    This program is all about giving a nice push and pump to your upper body via the chest, triceps and abs. Keep the weights CHALLENGING. You should always come within 1-2 reps short of failure for each exercise and each set. Listen to your body, and work in a way that won’t injure you! Each time you do this workout, the goal is to beat your numbers.

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  • Spring Training Part 1: Day 1 – Push it to the Limit

    Program Introduction: Spring has officially sprung and that means it’s time to refresh the old workout! A favorite split of many people is the traditional Push/Pull/Legs 3 day split. It is a great way to change things with your workout whether you’ve been working Total Body 3x per week or doing a more traditional bodybuilding […]

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  • Chest, Triceps and Abs 1

    Program Introduction: This program is all about giving a nice push and pump to your upper body via the chest, triceps and abs. Keep the weights¬†CHALLENGING. You should always come within 1-2 reps¬†short of failure for each exercise and each set. Listen to your body, and work in a way that won’t injure you! Each […]

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  • Glutes and Abs

    This workout will be focusing on the all-important glute and ab area.  What better way to get ready to strengthen the legs than a fast-paced glutes and abs workout that is designed to get your heart pumping and your glutes and abs burning?  In this program, you will perform 4 Giant Sets of exercises that will challenge not only your glutes and abs but also help you to raise your heart rate.

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  • Back Attack Series – Part 1

    Program Introduction: Welcome to the first part of the Back Attack series. The focus for this workout is on lifting heavy and with high volume Yes, a nice back can give you a nice V-Taper which will make your waist look smaller, but having a strong back is also a necessity from a functional standpoint. […]

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  • Non-Yoga 15 Min Morning Stretch For Mobility & Posture

    Jumpstart your day with a quick and effective non-yoga morning stretch routine! In just 15 minutes, you’ll engage in a series of gentle stretches designed to improve mobility, enhance posture, and leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle the day.

    By incorporating these stretches into your morning routine, you’ll gradually notice increased flexibility, improved joint mobility, and a reduction in muscle tension. Not only will you feel physically better, but you’ll also experience a boost in mental clarity and focus.

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  • Chest and Abs – Strength, Power, Endurance

    This workout doesn’t have a ton of exercises on it, but it’s still highly effective with lots of volume. It will challenge you through hitting a number of training modalities – in this case power, strength, and endurance. There’s a nice mix of some high and low rep work. No matter what, keep that mind/muscle connection going and always ask yourself, can I give more? If so, push that intensity.

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  • Chest Back and Abs Strength

    This is a great mixed bag workout for the upper body focusing on some awesome basic moves. In general, you want to push the intensity in the gym every set with this one. Make it challenging so that over the weeks that you do it, you get stronger and stronger. 

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  • Spring Training Part 2: Day 1- Push

    Are you ready to take your spring training to the next level? In this round of our Spring Training Series, we’re kicking things up a notch with an intense push day workout that utilizes the superset method. This powerful technique is designed to maximize muscle growth and increase your metabolism, giving you the results you want in less time.

    We know that progress is key to achieving your fitness goals, so we’ve carefully crafted this workout to be both challenging and effective. You’ll need to focus on form and technique, using weights that are heavy enough to push you to your limits, but still manageable enough to maintain proper form throughout the entire range of motion. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on this exciting new challenge and see what you’re truly capable of achieving.

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  • Leg Day Hustle: 12-Minute At-Home Tone and Define

    Welcome to Leg Day Hustle: 12-Minute At-Home Tone and Define workout! This quick and effective routine is designed to sculpt and tone your legs in just 12 minutes. No equipment is needed, so you can do this workout anytime, anywhere.

    Join me as I take you through a series of dynamic exercises to target your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. You’ll feel the burn as you work through lunges, squats, and other leg-focused movements designed to help you achieve a lean, toned look.

    Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, this workout is perfect for anyone looking to get in a quick, effective lower body workout at home. So, grab your water bottle and let’s get started on our Leg Day Hustle!

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