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  • Roxie’s REAL Workout: Freakin’ Legs and Freakin’ Abs – Heavy Strength Part 1

    This workout marks the advent of a new series I’m starting on the blog called “Roxie’s REAL Workout”. I get asked a lot, what can I do for this (__insert body part here__), or Roxie, what do YOU do when you get to the gym… Well the mystery is over because I’ll share with you guys, right here on the RoxStar Fitness Inner Circle EXACTLY what I do, and how I do it in the gym.

    Now keep in mind these are MY workouts. Your body and my body are two different beasts. So if you need to change something, or switch something out, be smart and do so!

    The following program is my “freakin legs and freakin abs” workout that I hit this week. I’ve titled it appropriately and you’ll see why… It’s a KILLER AWESOME program. In fact, I’m sitting here right now (48 hours later) with my glutes on FIRE. So it does a nice job in hitting the body in all the right places…

    I suggest for the amount of weight you use to be HEAVY. Heavy is a relative term, so gauge it by the fact that you should NOT be able to do any more reps than I’ve given below on your plan. If you can – YOU DIDN’T LIFT HEAVY ENOUGH! Raise the bar, challenge yourself so you can progress, and get to the next level.

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