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A Quick Message From RoxStar Fitness, LLC. Owner and Head Coach – IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles


We are offering a new kind of approach with our membership site. Our goal is to provide a site that is an extension of our coaching business and brings an evidence based and results proven approach to YOUR fingertips. We realize that there is a segment of people like you out there who love to train, are really interested in learning more about the science of nutrition and exercise, but prefer to go it alone and train yourself.

Often you may feel you could really thrive if you had a resource where you can get new and challenging workouts, cutting edge macro and calorie calculators to figure out nutritional needs, meal plans to lay the foundation to achieving your goals through your diet, and to be able catch up on all the newest information in terms of the science part of training and nutrition. With these amazing tools at hand, you too can best apply the same principles our own coaching staff uses to get awesome results with our clientele

That’s where we step in!

The RoxStar Fitness Inner Circle is for YOU! I wanted to find a way to take the intelligence I use to create our own clients’ plans, and provide it to members who may not be ready for the time or financial commitment of the full coaching services we offer. I wanted to also create a site where those who prefer to work on their own can still have access to a training approach that has not only proven effective, but one that takes a SCIENTIFIC APPROACH as well. This site is also great for those who may be considering our One-On-One Coaching Services, but kind of want to test drive our way of thinking before committing.

With all of the information out there today, it’s often hard to navigate what works and what doesn’t. Our goal is to provide you with a clearer roadmap to reaching your goals – on your own terms.

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For more information on what we have to offer read out FAQ’s – How Can This Site Help You page here.


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Blazing Guns: Bicep and Tricep Blast 2

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This workout is for those of you who want guns of glory!

Get ready to roll up your sleeves with this awesome workout that’s sure to leave you pumped. We’re mixing in TWO back-to-back supersets that will build up the arms and massively tone both the biceps and triceps.

And we’ll follow it up with two exercises to give you a great pump to finish off your workout.

Metabolic Circuit – Full Body Blaster 2

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Program Introduction: This is workout is one in a series that’s focused to use weight training as a means to keep the heart rate up and body completely challenged. Metabolic circuits are a great way to get cardio in, without actually having to do much cardio. We will swinging all over the gym with this […]

Spring Training Part 1: Day 1 – Push it to the Limit

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Program Introduction: Spring has officially sprung and that means it’s time to refresh the old workout! A favorite split of many people is the traditional Push/Pull/Legs 3 day split. It is a great way to change things with your workout whether you’ve been working Total Body 3x per week or doing a more traditional bodybuilding […]

Chest, Triceps and Abs 1

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Program Introduction: This program is all about giving a nice push and pump to your upper body via the chest, triceps and abs. Keep the weights CHALLENGING. You should always come within 1-2 reps short of failure for each exercise and each set. Listen to your body, and work in a way that won’t injure you! Each […]


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