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To You... Your Training and Nutrition Means MORE Than Just Doing What Someone Told You to Do.

You know your way around the gym, and you’ve been doing this for years.

And although, you’ve gotten yourself pretty far on your own… You know that there’s MORE to learn. MORE ways to grow. MORE things for you to truly grasp and take control of your results in the gym. 

You’re the type to always ask WHY.

And you’re frustrated that the coaches and trainers you might have worked with never wanted to give you those answers. Like they’re harboring secrets to YOUR success… And you want to learn them, NOW. Well, guess what…

Now you can!

My MAIN Goal and Focus is to Educate You, and Share My Knowledge...

To allow you to tap into my 20+ years of REAL WORLD, HANDS ON, industry experience as a personal trainer, athletic coach, and contest prep coach for clients the world over.

Increase your knowledge with one of my in depth eBooks, webinars, and online training and nutrition eCourses.

Spice up your current workout with one of my results driven training programs.

Take your entire program to the next level. Become a RoxStar & join my Inner Circle Coaching Program.

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