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  • Kick My Azz: Glutes, Hams, and Quads Strength Workout 1

    This workout ain’t for the faint at heart. It’s a great workout that will focus on some serious strength and building for the glutes, hams and quads. All and all, I want you to focus on beating your numbers with this one. Challenge the amount of weight you’re putting into every rep, every set, and every lift. Keep in mind to come within 1-2 reps short of failure for the final tail of your sets.

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  • Ride It Uphill | 20 Minute Cycling Workout

    You read that right! By the time you’re done with this 20-minute cycling workout, you’re going to be SOAKED with sweat and feel like you rode up Mt. Everest! This calorie-burning, fat-incinerating cycling workout will have you sleek, toned, and slender in just 20 minutes! Throw it into your workout paired with some abs and weight training – then thank me later when you have the body of your dreams!

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  • Total Leg Domination

    This program is for those looking to make some serious strides with their leg development. This program utilizes high volume with advanced training techniques such as drop sets. For those looking to strengthen and develop their lower bodies, this is the program for YOU. 

    In order to see the development you are looking for, you must lift a weight that is CHALLENGING. By the end of the sets you should be absolutely DONE!  This is for those who want TOTAL LEG DOMINATION!

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  • Chest/Triceps/Core Blast

    This workout is a GREAT kick for your chest, triceps and abs.  At the same time, we’ll keep things moving and keep your heart rate up as well. No matter what, think about challenging yourself through the entire workout. See where you can beat your best numbers and push for new PRs where possible.

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  • Master Blaster Series: Legs – Program 1

    Today’s workout is surely going to leave you hobbling out of the gym! But don’t be scared, the work will pay off and will hopefully lead to some great legs after some time.

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  • Back Hypertrophy – Program 1

    The main focus for this workout is just what the title says. We’re going to bring focus on blasting your back, and producing some hypertrophy along the way. This particular workout is the first part of a 4 part series.

    Push hard in the workout, when you’re moving through your reps, keep the weights at something that truly challenges you. You should reach within “controlled failure” for each set. That means that the last rep is a challenge to complete but is not absolute failure. The final set of the exercise can go to failure, only if you can do so safely. If it feels to easy, you’re not working hard enough.

    Challenge yourself – but do so intelligently.

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  • Slay The Legs: Ultimate Power + Strength Workout

    Today we’re kicking things off in a big way with a nice kick butt program for your LEGS!

    Look, let’s just admit that building the lower body takes a lot of work. You’ve got to push, you’ve got to dig deep, and you’ve got to step outside of your comfort zone.

    So for Slay The Legs, I want you ask yourself in every set – am I giving my all? Am I giving my best? Where or how can I give MORE?

    Hold on for the ride as I take you through an adventure outside of your comfort zone. Let’s develop and slay those legs.

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  • Full Body Pull – Workout 1

    Let’s get your body rocking from head to toe! But let’s try this… Work everything from head to toe for the BACK of your body and utilize pulling motions in the process.

    So we are going to be hitting the back, the glutes, the hams, the calves, and the biceps! Yes lawd, EVERYTHANG that creates a pulling motion.

    Challenge yourself and keep the weights heavy. Focus on getting close to failure by the end of each set.

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  • Full Body Push – Workout 1

    You know you can’t rock out a pull workout without a push workout to hit up that anterior chain!

    This workout is the complimentary program to the Full Body Push – Workout 1, and our goal is to build, tone, and strengthen your chest, shoulders, triceps, and quads!

    Roll up those sleeves and grab your pre-workout because this program will have you feeling like Wonder Woman.

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  • Blazing Guns: Bicep and Tricep Blast

    This workout is for those of you who want guns of glory!

    Get ready to roll up your sleeves with this awesome workout that’s sure to leave you pumped. We’re mixing in TWO back-to-back supersets that will build up the arms and massively tone both the biceps and triceps.

    And we’ll follow it up with two exercises to give you a great pump to finish off your workout.

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