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  • A New Approach to Willpower Rooted In A Higher Calling

    What is willpower to you when it comes to your fitness journey? Discover how to harness the true power of willpower in your fitness journey. It’s not about resisting temptations or grueling workouts – it’s about making positive choices, finding balance, and celebrating small wins.

    So I want you to take this idea of willpower and flip it on its head. That willpower is the discipline that you give yourself, the permission that you give yourself to make the choice to live better. To say no to the things that don’t serve you positively. To know that when you’re trying to establish this body as a temple for the goodness within you and your body as a pillar of strength physically, emotionally, mentally, and more, that it takes making decisions to do away with the things that do not serve you.

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  • Ready, Set, Spring into Fitness Success: Turbocharge Your Journey with This Game-Changing Strategy for Renewal

    Get ready to supercharge your fitness journey like never before! This month, we’re diving headfirst into a revolutionary strategy for renewal that will renew, refresh, and recharge your approach to fitness. Picture this: you, embracing the season of spring with renewed energy and a renewed sense of purpose, all thanks to this game-changing strategy.

    Are you ready to experience the ultimate fitness boost? Say goodbye to stagnant routines and hello to a whole new level of success. With this strategy, you’ll be equipped to tackle obstacles, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals like never before. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your fitness journey and spring into action!

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  • Lost All Motivation to Workout? Do This ONE THING & Regain Momentum

    Motivation is a fascinating force, isn’t it? One moment, you’re soaring high, on top of the world, everything’s going smoothly, and you’re feeling fantastic. But then, out of nowhere, it seems like everything is falling apart, and you can’t keep up. Your fitness goals, and perhaps other aspects of your life, start slipping away. Let me tell you, you’re not alone. Even if everything’s going well for you right now, remember this message, because there will come a time when you’ll need to hear it to get back on track.

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  • Soul On Fire Ep 6 | The LONG GAME When It Comes To Your Fitness Journey

    In this episode of Soul On Fire Podcast, I want to unlock the POWERFUL secret to true “longevity” when it comes to your fitness goals, and making this a true lifestyle. Let’s cut through the noise of quick fixes and embrace a perspective that goes beyond today’s gains.

    Join me on a journey of self-discovery and real growth, where every choice you make today becomes a cornerstone for a stronger, healthier future.

    I’ve walked the path from dance floors to bodybuilding arenas, and now I’m here to share hard-earned wisdom. Let’s dive deep, redefining our fitness journey for the long haul.

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  • Defying Setbacks: Conquering 3 Fitness Vices for Ultimate Success | Soul On Fire Podcast

    Are you ready to break free from the vices that hold you back on your fitness journey? Temptation, doubt, and fear often cripple us, but it’s time to rise above. Embrace the holistic approach to fitness that goes beyond physical appearances and taps into the power of body, mind, and spirit.

    Join me on this transformative journey where you’ll learn to give yourself grace and navigate the challenges of cravings and self-control.

    Discover the importance of trusting the process, whether you’re working with a coach or exploring your own path. Overcome doubt by becoming a student of your own body, unlocking what truly works for you. And conquer the fear of food and the scale, embracing a healthy mindset that allows you to enjoy nourishing yourself without guilt.

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  • Releasing Yourself From The Cult Of The Body | Soul On Fire Podcast Ep 3

    In this coaching podcast, I want you to free your headspace from self-sabotage as we move through your fitness journey.

    The cult of the body places your appearance, and your physicality above all else – removed from the person that you are. It doesn’t care or consider your mental, emotional, or spiritual development as a whole human person.

    And when it comes to your fitness, it is what forces us to be obsessed with the scale, our flaws, hyper self-consciousness of our bodies, and how we look.

    As you can imagine, NONE of this is very fruitful when it comes to reaching our goals and feeling satisfied once we get there. Or even accepting who we are as we work to change.

    Well, today’s podcast is going to help you to start to move past this.

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  • Start With WHY | Coaching Message

    I know that a lot of folks struggle with motivation and getting back on track to their goals.

    It takes a lot to stay consistent. It takes a lot to just find the fire within you to do the work.

    I would be lying if I said I haven’t been there a time or two myself…

    One of the BEST ways I’ve found to really re-connect with your fitness goals and to simply keep on the path to your success is by meditating on your WHY.

    So in this coaching lesson, I want to dig a little further into what that means.

    And hopefully by the end, give you the fire you need to get up, get serious, get moving, and get those results.

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