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  • Back and Biceps Hypertrophy Vol 2. – Workout 1

    Program Introduction: This workout is all about giving a great push, pump and challenge to the back and arms. The game is always about pushing safely to your limits, and seeing how much you can raise the bar. So be sure to track your workouts, as this one will progress over a series of weeks. […]

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  • Just Shoulders – Strength and Power

    I wanted an amazing kick butt shoulder program to add to the database, so this is the first in a nice series progression that will help you to builder boulders large enough to rival mountain peaks! Let’s get started.

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  • Negative Reps Chest & Triceps Workout

    Program Introduction: This program is all about giving a REAL challenge to the chest and triceps! And to do that we are going to really kick negative reps in high gear. The “negative” portion of the rep is the eccentric contraction. And in focusing on that part of the motion you force the body to […]

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  • Chest and Triceps – Strength and Pump

    Program Introduction: It’s easy for many to focus a ton on building the back and biceps, but we don’t want to leave out chest and tricep work in the process (especially for women). Bringing focus to my chest and triceps really allowed me to create a super symmetrical upper body. And in the case of […]

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  • Peek Them Peaks: Bicep Specific Training

    Program Introduction: This program is going to really bring some super focus to the arms by focusing specifically on biceps only. I like to hit the biceps at different angles for the best overall development. The biceps muscle is made of 2 heads, a long and a short head, so simply changing the angle of […]

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  • Back and Shoulder Builder

    For every competitor, the most important aspect of your look is to ensure that you have great top to bottom symmetry. And even if you don’t compete, having a great toned upper body is one of the first things people notice about you when you walk into a room – sleeveless!

    This program series is all about bringing up the back, and capping things off with some great shoulders. I follow this series whenever I’m looking to improve both size and symmetry overall, and I know you’ll enjoy the same results and benefits.

    We’ll be hitting up some traditional exercises with this one – so see where you can raise the bar and perhaps even set new PR’s with each set!

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  • Roxie’s REAL Workout: Olympia Back and Biceps Program

    You know when you do a program and it feels really great, and your body responds excellently to it. Well, I really felt that this particular program that I created for my 2014 Olympia prep falls nicely into that category.

    I sometimes find myself going BACK to old programs, breathing new life into them, and focusing on beating my previous PRs, numbers, and lifts. This program is no different.

    This is my back and bicep workout I crafted for my Olympia prep. This particular program focuses on back width and biceps. I trained back twice a week during that prep, one workout was a width focused workout, and the other a thickness/detail workout.

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  • Total Body Training Camp: Push It, Pull It, Press It

    This workout is all about giving you a fantastic pump in the upper body. We’re going to hit a little bit of everything by way of the 3 major upper body motions – pushing, pulling, and pressing. I want you to try for some new pr’s with this one, so raise the bar, and see if you can beat your past lift numbers (beat your weights). You are keeping a notebook like a RoxStar aren’t you?! Great! Let’s go!

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  • All Out Arm Assault

    One of the telltale signs of a fit body are well developed arms.  For some, arms are challenging to develop.  Here is an all out arm assault to throw into your routine to see growth and development using high volume techniques such as a pyramid set for your last two exercises.  Make sure to limit your rest to no more than 45 seconds for the final two exercises to push those arms all the way to fatigue.

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  • Chest and Triceps Series 1 – Workout 2

    Program Introduction: This workout is all about giving a nice push for the chest, focusing on high tension, low to moderate volume sets. And at the end, we'll tie in a little triceps as well. It's a little step up from Part 1 in the series. Keep the weight in the moderate heavy/heavy range to [...] Continue Reading