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  • Back and Hamstrings

    This is a upper/lower split focused on two of my favorite body parts that, in my opinion, truly completes the shape of a well developed posterior view. We’re going to play around with various rep ranges as well as tempo. So you should get a nice pump and burn throughout this workout. Now, the one thing I will say to you is that you want to think about the mind muscle connection. Some of the weights for this workout will get into near maximal loads, and so don’t make it an ego fest about simply going heavy for the sake of going heavy. Go heavy but keep your form first and foremost. It’s about working every muscle fiber as deeply and as fully as you can.

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  • Back Attack Series – Part 1

    Program Introduction: Welcome to the first part of the Back Attack series. The focus for this workout is on lifting heavy and with high volume Yes, a nice back can give you a nice V-Taper which will make your waist look smaller, but having a strong back is also a necessity from a functional standpoint. […]

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  • Chest Back and Abs Strength

    This is a great mixed bag workout for the upper body focusing on some awesome basic moves. In general, you want to push the intensity in the gym every set with this one. Make it challenging so that over the weeks that you do it, you get stronger and stronger. 

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  • Functional Back & Abs Assault

    This is a dynamic and intense workout program designed for advanced trainees who want to build a stronger and more defined back and biceps while also targeting their abs. This program utilizes a combination of cable workouts, dumbbells, bodyweight, and heavy weights in a circuit-style format to challenge your limits and promote muscle growth.

    Each exercise is focused on functional movements that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a full-body workout while prioritizing the back, biceps, and abs. The program consists of three giant sets, each containing three exercises performed back-to-back with no rest between them, followed by two superset and drop sets to finish the workout strong.

    To ensure progressive overload and maximize gains, the program includes specific rep and set schemes with recommended weights for each exercise. With the Back & Bicep Burner, you’ll push yourself to new heights, challenge your limits, and achieve a stronger, more defined back, biceps, and abs.

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  • Back Hypertrophy – Series #1 – Program 4 of 4

    Welcome to the final stage of our hypertrophy-focused back workout series! After completing the previous three workouts, you should be ready to push your back muscles to their absolute limit. The aim of this workout is to help you achieve maximum hypertrophy and build the most muscular back possible. As always, be sure to use weights that truly challenge you and push yourself to reach “controlled failure” on each set. On the final set of each exercise, go to failure only if you can do so safely. Remember, this is the final part of our series, so give it everything you’ve got! You’ve worked hard to get here, and this is your chance to see just how much progress you’ve made. Keep your focus, stay committed, and get ready to experience the ultimate back workout!

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  • Strength Workout Upper Body #1 – Part 3

    Welcome back to the third part of this challenging workout series that’s focused on building strength and toning your upper body. This workout is designed to push you to your limits with advanced lifts and exercises that will take your fitness journey to the next level.

    The program is carefully crafted to challenge your body and maximize your progress, with a focus on targeting your arms, chest, back, and shoulders. You’ll feel the burn with each rep, but the results will be worth it as you see your upper body strength and tone increase with each workout. Don’t miss out on this chance to challenge yourself and reach new heights in your fitness journey. Let’s get started!

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  • Back and Biceps Hypertrophy Vol 2. – Workout 3

    Program Introduction: We’re kicking up our back and bicep work this cycle with this one. I want you to think about where you can give more. The game of growth and progress is about setting the bar higher. So with each cycle, think about what you can improve, how you can engage the back more, […]

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  • Back Hypertrophy – Series #1 – Program 3 of 4

    Looking to maximize the size of your back muscles? Look no further than this hypertrophy-focused workout! As the third part of a four-part series, this workout is designed to push your limits and help you reach your muscle-building goals. During the workout, aim to lift weights that challenge you and bring you to a point of “controlled failure” on each set. This means that the last rep should be challenging but not impossible. Only go to absolute failure on the final set if you can do so safely. Remember, if it feels too easy, you’re not working hard enough. Push yourself intelligently and watch your back muscles grow!

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  • Back and Biceps Hypertrophy Vol 2. – Workout 4

    Program Introduction: The first set is one where you perform a higher number of reps so that you can build endurance and begin to make the mind-to-muscle connection. After the initial set, please use weights that challenge you to failure!  When we say failure, we mean so that you cannot perform another rep with good […]

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  • Strength Workout Upper Body #1 – Part 2

    Get ready to take your upper body to the next level with this workout program! This program is designed to help you build strength and tone your upper body using challenging lifts that will push you beyond your limits.

    This workout is carefully crafted to maximize your progress, with exercises that target your arms, chest, back, and shoulders. You’ll see real results in your strength and tone, while feeling more confident and empowered in your daily life. Don’t wait any longer to take the first step towards a stronger, more toned upper body. Let’s get started!

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