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  • Roxie’s REAL Workout: Olympia Basketball Glutes, Hams and Calves

    Let me start this off with, I LOVE this workout. In fact, not only did I use this one during my prep for the 2014 Olympia, I also used this workout off season to build my glutes, and find myself going back to it during contest prep time to keep the shape, fullness, and strength of my legs as I diet down.

    My advice to you, train hard and REALLY PUSH YOURSELF. Change comes with CHALLENGE, so don’t be afraid to take yourself out of your comfort zone in the gym.

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  • All Out Arm Assault

    One of the telltale signs of a fit body are well developed arms.  For some, arms are challenging to develop.  Here is an all out arm assault to throw into your routine to see growth and development using high volume techniques such as a pyramid set for your last two exercises.  Make sure to limit your rest to no more than 45 seconds for the final two exercises to push those arms all the way to fatigue.

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  • Glutes and More Glutes Workout

    Exactly what the title says. You want glutes, I’m giving ya some glutes. This is the workout specifically designed to make sure that derriere is looking T-I-G-H-T! But don’t get it twisted, we will also be hitting up other parts of the legs as well. You can’t have fantastic glutes sitting on some toothpicks! So let’s go!

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  • All About Those Glutes 2

    Program Introduction: Get ready to set those Gluteus Maximus muscles on FIRE!  This leg workout is All About Those Glutes, and this is part 2 in our series, so be sure to check out part one! Some tips to get the most out of this workout.  Take your time and perform the exercises to the [...] Continue Reading
  • Chest/Triceps/Core Blast 2

    Program Introduction: This workout is a GREAT kick for your chest, triceps and abs.  At the same time, we'll keep things moving and keep your heart rate up as well. No matter what, think about challenging yourself through the entire workout. See where you can beat your best numbers and push for new PRs where [...] Continue Reading
  • Shoulders and Arms: High Volume Pump 2

    Everyone loves a great set of arms. This workout is focusing on bringing a nice pump to the shoulders, biceps and triceps. We’ll be hitting up some mixed volume training and varying rep ranges to give you a nice burn, and eventually some arms that you’ll need to carry a permit for. ¬†Welcome to the gun show! Let’s get started.

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  • Kick My Azz: Glutes, Hams, and Quads Strength Workout 1

    This workout ain’t for the faint at heart. It’s a great workout that will focus on some serious strength and building for the glutes, hams and quads. All and all, I want you to focus on beating your numbers with this one. Challenge the amount of weight you’re putting into every rep, every set, and every lift. Keep in mind to come within 1-2 reps short of failure for the final tail of your sets.

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  • Master Blaster Series: Legs – Program 2

    Today’s workout is surely going to leave you hobbling out of the gym! But don’t be scared, the work will pay off and will hopefully lead to some great legs after some time. ¬†This is the second¬†program in a two program series. You can follow this plan for about 2-3 weeks before either repeating the series or moving on to something new.

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  • Abdominal Apocalypse: Total Body Core and Balance Workout

    Did you know that Your core does not consist solely of your abdominal muscles? Your core consists of 27 muscles including: glutes, hamstrings, and your back.  

    Utilizing supersets, this workout incorporates not only core strengthening exercises, for these areas, but also exercises to improve flexibility in the low back area which is commonly tight, overactive, and prevents your deep set abdominal muscles from firing properly.  We have also included exercises to improve hip mobility which will help you squat deeper and engage your glutes more during your squats.

    All you need is a set of heavy and light dumbbells to get it going!  Get ready for a core centric workout!!

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  • All About Those Glutes

    Program Introduction: Get ready to set those Gluteus Maximus muscles on FIRE!  This leg workout is All About Those Glutes.  Some tips to get the most out of this workout.  Take your time and perform the exercises to the specified tempo.  Make sure to squeeze those glute muscles to really activate them during the exercises.  [...] Continue Reading