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  • Metabolic Conditioning Circuit – Full Body Ladder Workout Remix

    We’ve got another awesome ladder workout in store for you! Our goal for this baby is to kick things into HIGH GEAR for you! This workout is definitely going to give you more of a cardiovascular kick, and can be followed with some heavier strength training for any body part of choice, or cardio if you wish. You want to keep things MOVING. You want to take minimal rest between these exercises. This workout is LADDER WORKOUT. So basically each series of moves will decrease in the number of reps performed as we go from one to the next. We’ll start with moves that are easier, and progressively move to more challenging ones as we go on.

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  • Back and Hamstrings

    This is a upper/lower split focused on two of my favorite body parts that, in my opinion, truly completes the shape of a well developed posterior view. We’re going to play around with various rep ranges as well as tempo. So you should get a nice pump and burn throughout this workout. Now, the one thing I will say to you is that you want to think about the mind muscle connection. Some of the weights for this workout will get into near maximal loads, and so don’t make it an ego fest about simply going heavy for the sake of going heavy. Go heavy but keep your form first and foremost. It’s about working every muscle fiber as deeply and as fully as you can.

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  • Chest, Triceps and Abs 2

    This program is all about giving a nice push and pump to your upper body via the chest, triceps and abs. Keep the weights CHALLENGING. You should always come within 1-2 reps short of failure for each exercise and each set. Listen to your body, and work in a way that won’t injure you! Each time you do this workout, the goal is to beat your numbers.

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  • Upper Lower Full Body Cardio Mix Workout

    This is a GREAT kick butt strength based cardio program! Basically I want you to focus on using weights (where applicable) that really push you. By the time you get to the final rep, it should feel like a challenge to complete.

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  • Killer Tabata Complexes Vol. 1

    One of the things I love to do is apply different modalities of training into the mix to keep the body changing and evolving.

    For a fat loss phase, I absolutely LOVE adding tabatas in a few times a week. This type of training helps to keep the HR up, and calorie burn going.

    This particular workout is a mixed bag tabata. We’ll hit various methods of doing it through complexes. Our complexes will include barbell, cable and bodyweight, and are all geared to set you ablaze during this workout.

    For best results, wear your heart rate monitor to track that you are working at a high enough intensity.

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  • Strength and Core Fusion

    Elevate your fitness journey with Strength and Core Fusion. This regimen centers on building unshakable strength and core stability through exercises that challenge your abs, balance, and coordination.

    Embrace the thrill of stepping beyond your comfort zone as you engage in bench presses and bent-over rows, laying the groundwork for physical empowerment.

    The potent giant set invites you to explore your body’s potential, sculpting not just muscles but also resilience. With each repetition, you forge a connection between strength and core stability, unlocking a new level of vitality and confidence.

    This workout is about pushing boundaries and discovering the strength that lies within.

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  • High-Intensity Cardio Sculpt

    Discover the fusion of intensity and artistry in the High-Intensity Cardio Sculpt. Supersets transform lunges and glute bridges into a dynamic canvas of movement and strength.

    The invigorating giant set merges pull-ups, plank rows, and bicycle crunches, sculpting a body that’s both powerful and defined. As you swing kettlebells and embrace plank variations, your heart races to the rhythm of empowerment.

    This workout embodies the essence of pushing boundaries, crafting a masterpiece of endurance and grace.

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  • Full Body Power Ignition

    Unleash your inner power with the Full Body Power Ignition routine. Begin with heavy squats and deadlifts, igniting strength from within. Engaging supersets target multiple muscle groups, sculpting a body that exudes resilience and vitality.

    As you conquer each rep, you embody determination and growth, transcending limitations.

    This workout ignites a fire that burns through challenges, reminding you of your unyielding potential. Embrace the journey as you embrace your strength.

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  • Metabolic Circuit Full Body Blast 3

    This heart-pounding workout blends weight training and cardio to keep your heart rate up and your body fully challenged. Say goodbye to monotonous routines and hello to a thrilling fitness adventure that will push your limits and leave you energized!

    Feel the rush as you conquer each intense move and witness your body transform like never before. Embrace the power of this unstoppable circuit and unleash your inner strength. Get amped up and ready to soar to new heights.

    Let’s charge up and dominate this electrifying workout together!

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  • Blazing Guns: Bicep and Tricep Blast 2

    This workout is for those of you who want guns of glory!

    Get ready to roll up your sleeves with this awesome workout that’s sure to leave you pumped. We’re mixing in TWO back-to-back supersets that will build up the arms and massively tone both the biceps and triceps.

    And we’ll follow it up with two exercises to give you a great pump to finish off your workout.

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