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MANDATORY: Please Set Your Weekly Group Call

Please take a moment to sign up for our next group coaching call. As a reminder your attendance in our calls is a MANDATORY part of the program. Please make sure to attend a call each and every week for accountability and support.

Meal Planning Details

Your coaching level comes with only macros and calories. There is no custom meal plan designated for your program level.

You will be sent the macros and calories you are to follow each day from your Success Coach. Your assigned coach works closely with Roxie to figure out exactly where you need to be calorically to reach your goals, and how your numbers will be adjusted each week.

Once you get your plan, you can then use My Fitness Pal to track your meals each day – OR you can use one of our sample meal plans below.

Even if you use one of the sample plans on the site, you STILL need to make the necessary adjustments for the plan via My Fitness Pal to match your personally assigned numbers from your coach.

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ DOCUMENT 2 “HOW TO USE YOUR MEAL PLAN IN YOUR PERSONAL FOLDER. Go to the Macros and Calories section for your directions about using My Fitness Pal and tracking your meals.

Download Your Sample Meal Plan

Our eCourse gives you the freedom to create your meal plans as you wish through flexible dieting. But some folks simply do better with a meal plan. If you feel like you want a meal plan to continue to guide you, you can use any of the sample ones on our site. Keep in mind the macros and calories will not match your given numbers EXACTLY. But just as we’ve taught you, you can go into My Fitness Pal to adjust the plan.

  • Enter all the foods as written and the order written.
  • Adjust the amounts on the plan so the macros match the ones we’ve given you.
  • Use our Food Sub Calculator to swap foods out.
  • You will need to use My Fitness Pal Premium to fully take advantage of personalizing your plan.

Access Our Flagship Training Program - Flawless Physique

Your assigned training program is located below. Once you’ve had your Goal Setting Road Map Call, you’ll know which program you are supposed to follow. Please wait until you are given the approval to begin.

RoxStar Fitness Flawless Physique 5 Day Total Body Transformation Program – Phase 1

This is our flagship pre-designed training program on the site. Enroll to get started. Your Success Coach needs to approve ...
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Spice Up Your Workout

If you are currently in OFF-SEASON as a competitor, or you are a non-competitor client, you may swap out your workouts for variety AFTER your SECOND WEEK ON YOUR ASSIGNED PROGRAM.

Please DO NOT swap out anything before this time. Weeks 3 and 4 of your cycle is where we allow a bit of variety if you feel like you want to mix up your training or try something new. Here are the rules to swap out:

Keep your training split the same. Swap out for exercises that hit the SAME body part on your program for that day.
You are ONLY allowed to swap out workouts with ones here in our database – no other programs or workouts from other coaches are allowed.
DO NOT swap out EVERYTHING. Just pick one or two workouts you wish to do that for.
Let us know when you do swap something out so we can keep track.

Incline Chest and Lateral Shoulders 2

Program Introduction: The focus of this workout is about bringing some good depth and shape to the upper chest, all ...
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The Tri-Fecta Triceps Workout

Program Introduction: This workout gets me truly excited! I'm calling this the trifecta workout because we'll be using 3 elements ...
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Back, Chest and Arms – Basic Upper Body Strength Push

Program Introduction:  This workouts is a really nice basic exercise selection with a little more advanced rep set up. We ...
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Lower Body Circuit – Cardio Push, Bodyweight, Minimal Equipment

Program Introduction: The following workout should be performed as a circuit. So take minimal rest in between the exercises. If ...
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Back Width and Front Shoulders Hypertrophy 1

Download Workout PDF Here Program Introduction: This workout is a part of the Lean Building Training Schedule: Back and Shoulder ...
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Lower Body Strength Series #1 – Part 2

Program Introduction: This program focuses on hitting every aspect of the leg musculature possible. It's a simple set up, yet ...
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Explore Workouts by Body Part

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