• Legs Plyo + Brute Strength 2

    I absolutely LOVE this workout! Great push for the legs, will have you sweating, and working really hard throughout. This is part 2 of our series. Be sure to start with part 1 before progressing to this workout. We’ll begin the workout with some plyos, which will pre-exhaust the legs a little bit. Afterwards we’ll move into some strength work, and although you may not be able to go super heavy with all of your sets after the plyos, you can focus on the mind/muscle connection instead. If you cannot perform jumps, then simply move to the strength portion of the program.

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  • Chest Back and Abs Strength

    This is a great mixed bag workout for the upper body focusing on some awesome basic moves. In general, you want to push the intensity in the gym every set with this one. Make it challenging so that over the weeks that you do it, you get stronger and stronger. 

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  • Tri Harder Upper Body Workout

    This workout is designed to blast your upper body using three exercises in a row which is also known as a Tri Set.  You will complete three exercises without stopping for one set.  You will hit all of your upper body muscles so this is a great workout if you’re short on time or you want to work more on upper body strength.  Please make sure you’re lifting to failure with excellent form and technique.

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  • Cable & Kettlebell Lower Body Blast

    Transform your lower body with our intense Cable & Kettlebell Lower Body Blast program.

    Designed to help you get stronger, tone your muscles, and reshape your body, our undulating periodization combines decreasing reps with increasing weight for each set, emphasizing tempo for maximum muscle activation.

    Targeting your legs, glutes, and hamstrings with high-intensity exercises, you’ll experience increased energy levels, improved mood, and a boost in confidence.

    Whether you’re working out at home or in the gym, this program is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve their lower body goals.

    Ready to take your physique to the next level?

    Our Cable & Kettlebell Lower Body Blast program is for you!

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  • Get It All In Total Body Strength Workout

    This workout is designed for you to GET IT ALL IN. You will be working all of your major muscle groups in order to build up your strength foundation, overload your muscles, and begin the process of building lean body mass.

    In order for you to achieve these goals, you MUST lift to failure. The first set is one where you perform a higher number of reps so that you can build endurance and begin to make the mind-to-muscle connection.

    After the initial set, please use weights that challenge you to failure!  When we say failure, we mean so that you cannot perform another rep with good form.  Form and technique is CRUCIAL.  Do it better before you do more.

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  • Functional Back & Abs Assault

    This is a dynamic and intense workout program designed for advanced trainees who want to build a stronger and more defined back and biceps while also targeting their abs. This program utilizes a combination of cable workouts, dumbbells, bodyweight, and heavy weights in a circuit-style format to challenge your limits and promote muscle growth.

    Each exercise is focused on functional movements that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a full-body workout while prioritizing the back, biceps, and abs. The program consists of three giant sets, each containing three exercises performed back-to-back with no rest between them, followed by two superset and drop sets to finish the workout strong.

    To ensure progressive overload and maximize gains, the program includes specific rep and set schemes with recommended weights for each exercise. With the Back & Bicep Burner, you’ll push yourself to new heights, challenge your limits, and achieve a stronger, more defined back, biceps, and abs.

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  • Spring Training Part 2: Day 1- Push

    Are you ready to take your spring training to the next level? In this round of our Spring Training Series, we’re kicking things up a notch with an intense push day workout that utilizes the superset method. This powerful technique is designed to maximize muscle growth and increase your metabolism, giving you the results you want in less time.

    We know that progress is key to achieving your fitness goals, so we’ve carefully crafted this workout to be both challenging and effective. You’ll need to focus on form and technique, using weights that are heavy enough to push you to your limits, but still manageable enough to maintain proper form throughout the entire range of motion. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on this exciting new challenge and see what you’re truly capable of achieving.

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  • Iron Clad Upper Body

    Get ready to achieve a powerful and toned upper body with Iron Clad Upper Body – the ultimate workout program for strength and fitness.

    This 45-minute workout will challenge you to lift heavier weights and perform more reps with each set, helping you build the upper body you’ve always wanted.

    With exercises that activate and engage your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms, Iron Clad Upper Body is the perfect program to add to your fitness routine.

    You’ll push yourself to your limits, focusing on proper form and making progress towards your goals.

    Whether you’re looking to build strength, increase endurance, or achieve a toned and sculpted upper body, Iron Clad Upper Body has got you covered.

    So, are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Let’s do this! Get started with Iron Clad Upper Body today and achieve your best upper body yet.

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  • Circuit of Steel: Challenge Your Limits with this Advanced Push-Pull Routine

    This intense, full-body routine will challenge you to push beyond your limits and achieve a new level of strength and endurance. With a variety of push and pull exercises, each targeting multiple muscle groups, you’ll see incredible results in a fraction of the time.

    Plus, with adjustable intensity and the ability to add weights or resistance bands, you can customize the workout to your fitness level. Get ready to feel the burn and take your fitness to the next level with the Circuit of Steel!

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  • Biceps and Triceps Shaping and Strength 2

    This is a great program for bringing some fullness and shape to the arms. For me, my biggest focus is having a full looking biceps flex. In order to do that, you’ve to to train both the biceps AND the long head of the triceps (inner head closer to the body). This workout is really going to give a great push and pump for that area. Train hard, and see if you can beat your numbers and set new PRs.

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