• Hamstrings and Calves – Strength and Development

    This workout is bringing some front center focus to the hamstrings and calves.

    It’s a relatively quick workout, albeit very effective if you really give it your all. Keep the weights on the heavy side, so when you reach the final rep of the set, you are within 1-2 reps short of failure. If you want to work to failure for the final set, you can, but just do so intelligently.

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  • Restorative Stretch Posture and Ab Tightening Workout

    Flexibility and mobility is a crucial part of your body transformation process. Here’s the thing… You don’t have to spend a lot of time on stretching to reap the benefits. This total body flexibility workout proves it with stretches so simple, you can do them anytime or anywhere—after a workout, at work, or when you’re at home watching TV. And can be completed in less than 20 mins.

    This program promotes flexibility and relaxation – all while improving your posture. We’ll target all the major muscles of the body, including those that are chronically tight like the chest, shoulders, back, arms, hips, and legs. Try to work this into your training program as often as you can for best results.

    Try this workout to get rid of any extra tension you may be carrying around, to target the core, and to add the mobility you need to keep your body balanced and pain free.

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  • Get It All In Total Body Strength Workout

    Program Introduction: This workout is designed for you to GET IT ALL IN. You will be working all of your major muscle groups in order to build up your strength foundation, overload your muscles, and begin the process of building lean body mass. In order for you to achieve these goals, you MUST lift to […]

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  • Superstar Super Sets

    Program Introduction: This workout is a great way to increase the volume in your workouts and to really get some amazing results. One of the best ways to get the best workout of your day while saving time is to use super sets! We are increasing muscular overload and using compound motions to challenge to […]

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  • Six Pack Abs Strength Workout

    Program Introduction: Deleted: This workout is designed to give your abs a real kick in the pants. You’ll hit the core from all angles with this one. Challenge yourself! Before beginning this program you must read the following Disclaimer and Terms of Use. You acknowledge that you follow this workout – or any other workout […]

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  • Lower Body Circuit – Cardio Push, Bodyweight, Minimal Equipment

    You know what’s one of the best weights you can use to train your legs? Your own bodyweight! In this workout, I want to take you through a challenge that forces you to dig deep, use EVERY muscle fiber, raise your heart rate, AND do it with minimal equipment.

    This is a GREAT workout if you need to train at home, or want to take it outdoors and train in fresh air. Take your workout to the next level with this heart-pounding leg day that’s sure to tighten the thighs, tone the glutes, and build strength like crazy.

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  • Back Width and Front Shoulders Hypertrophy 1

    I talk a lot about building a solid X-frame in our work together, and the biggest factor in that is having an impressive V-shaped back. And this isn’t something that’s reserved for the competitor. If building an hourglass physique that’s tight and toned is a goal for you, then you’ll love this workout!

    In it we are focusing on building muscle and creating some nice width in the lats. Additionally, we are hitting up the front shoulders to give you a shape that impresses not just from the back, but the front as well. Let’s raise the bar, and give you the right to bare back, shoulders and arms!

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  • Back Thickness and Rear Delts 1

    This workout is the perfect companion to our Back Width Front Shoulder Program. In fact, I encourage you to do them in the same training cycle on different days. This workout focuses on carving out the detail in your back. From the top of your shoulders to the base of your spine, our goal is to not only help you to create that beautiful hourglass/x-frame physique, but to also be able to wow the crowd with the definition and tonality in the dynamic muscles in your back.

    And not only that, we’ll also be throwing in some rear shoulder work to carve out the posterior delts. Grab your notebook, let’s get in there, beat your numbers and kick up your back training to the next level.

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  • Shoulder Power Strength Assault Workout

    Program Introduction: We've got a great kick azz workout by way of Coach Sam for you! Training your upper body is without a doubt the straight path to a strong core, great arms, a sexy back, and just feeling like a superhero. This workout will give you an opportunity to step up your weights in [...] Continue Reading
  • Lower Body – Leg Smasher 1

    Program Introduction: Looking for a killer pump, and a workout to really get EVERYTHING moving from top to bottom when it comes to your leg workout?! Then this is PERFECT FOR YOU. Pace yourself and use weights that challenge you. Pay attention to the tempo and the amount of weight you're using as I am [...] Continue Reading