• Coaching Module: Back/Shoulder Specialization + Faith In Your Goals

    This month kicks off a really exciting challenge for you both in and out of the gym.

    We’re going to kick off this block of training focusing on bringing strength to the upper body by sculpting the back and rounding out the shoulders.

    This month, I want to give you a program that will begin to lay that foundation. One that will challenge you, and get you to step well beyond your comfort zone.

    This specialization program is a 5 day training set up, and will focus on hitting back and shoulders 3 days a week.

    Mindset Coaching Session: Take Responsibility For Your Goals

    This month, I want to get into your head a bit when it comes to how you are mentally and emotionally approaching your goals.

    The biggest threat I see (as a coach) that hinders most people when it comes to success with their goals is rooted in psyching out. When I say that I mean that we are often victims of the stories we tell ourselves – about ourselves.

    The one thing I want you to embrace is this mindset that “can’t” doesn’t exist. An inability in the moment? Perhaps. A challenge that will take work and effort to overcome?


    But NEVER being able to achieve your fitness goals? NOPE!

    Let’s get your body and mind on track.

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