• Back and Biceps Hypertrophy Vol 2. – Workout 3

    Program Introduction: We’re kicking up our back and bicep work this cycle with this one. I want you to think about where you can give more. The game of growth and progress is about setting the bar higher. So with each cycle, think about what you can improve, how you can engage the back more, […]

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  • Back and Biceps Hypertrophy Vol 2. – Workout 4

    Program Introduction: The first set is one where you perform a higher number of reps so that you can build endurance and begin to make the mind-to-muscle connection. After the initial set, please use weights that challenge you to failure!  When we say failure, we mean so that you cannot perform another rep with good […]

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  • Morning Cardio MetCon Circuit

    This program is intended to be a nice finisher for a cardio program, or “cardio only” day. It’s more of a pump workout simply focused on keeping the HR up and the caloric burn on! I do this workout after performing my cardio when the body is already warm.


    In fact, this workout is more about moving light to moderate weight through space AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

    So we are working in the modality of Power Endurance. By definition, power endurance is about producing as much force as you can, in as little time as possible – and over a long period of time. With this kind of work we can improve neuromuscular efficiency – which is basically the body’s ability to have all of your muscles work in tandem and to do so efficiently in any direction you move.

    The rate of force production – or basically how powerful we are, which will have huge effect on our strength workout as well. So this workout serves more than just the purpose of fat loss! Train intelligently and raise the bar.

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  • Incline Chest and Lateral Shoulders 3

    Program Introduction: This workout is designed for you to GET IT ALL IN. You will be working all of your major muscle groups in order to build up your strength foundation, overload your muscles, and begin the process of building lean body mass. In order for you to achieve these goals, you MUST lift to […]

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  • Chest and Triceps Vol. 2 – Workout 1

    Program Introduction: We have a really great set of training progressions for chest and triceps in our database, but I felt it time to step things up a notch. This series is a little more advanced than our first chest/triceps series, and is great if you are looking to bring some strength and fulless to […]

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  • Back and Biceps Hypertrophy Vol 2. – Workout 1

    Program Introduction: This workout is all about giving a great push, pump and challenge to the back and arms. The game is always about pushing safely to your limits, and seeing how much you can raise the bar. So be sure to track your workouts, as this one will progress over a series of weeks. […]

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  • Legs – Streamline and Chisel Training

    This workout is the first part in a series I followed for my prep for the IFBB Ultimate Warriors. One of my goals during that prep was to really stimulate my lower half, push hard in the gym, and bring about the conditioning that I need to hit the stage.

    Now, my goal in general was always to keep the same intensity precontest that I hit in the off season. And a lot of why I train over various rep ranges and modalities (and have clients train that way as well) is so that I can pull from my bag of tools in season and have fantastic results.

    So this workout is going to play more with power, strength endurance, and a little bit of stabilization. Listen to your body, train hard, and keep your eye focused on the prize. During this contest prep phase, I performed this specific workout 2x per week and for 2 full weeks.

    The GOAL though is to try to beat your numbers (amount of weight, number of reps, less rest) each time you do it. So the challenge comes in trying to raise the bar each and every time.

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  • Incline Chest and Lateral Shoulders 1

    The focus of this workout is about bringing some good depth and shape to the upper chest, all while hitting a little bit of side delts. So the end result after a few weeks/months on this plan is a greatly improved and strong chest, and improved roundness in the shoulders. Remember to keep the challenge on in the workout. Really push yourself and ask if you are giving your ALL for each set and each rep.

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  • Roxie’s REAL Workout: Olympia Back and Biceps Program

    You know when you do a program and it feels really great, and your body responds excellently to it. Well, I really felt that this particular program that I created for my 2014 Olympia prep falls nicely into that category.

    I sometimes find myself going BACK to old programs, breathing new life into them, and focusing on beating my previous PRs, numbers, and lifts. This program is no different.

    This is my back and bicep workout I crafted for my Olympia prep. This particular program focuses on back width and biceps. I trained back twice a week during that prep, one workout was a width focused workout, and the other a thickness/detail workout.

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  • Roxie’s REAL Workout: Olympia Basketball Glutes, Hams and Calves

    Let me start this off with, I LOVE this workout. In fact, not only did I use this one during my prep for the 2014 Olympia, I also used this workout off season to build my glutes, and find myself going back to it during contest prep time to keep the shape, fullness, and strength of my legs as I diet down.

    My advice to you, train hard and REALLY PUSH YOURSELF. Change comes with CHALLENGE, so don’t be afraid to take yourself out of your comfort zone in the gym.

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