• Hourglass Training Series: Back & Shoulder Specialization 2

    I hope you’re ready to turn up the heat when it comes to our work to scuplt, mold and strengthing your back – from tailbone to cranium.

    This is Cycle 2 in our training series. Make sure to catch cycle 1 right here.

    Because these workouts are a progression of the foundation we set up in the last training cycle, it is crucial that you start with the first cycle to prevent injury, and to establish the baseline that we’ll be using for this current round.

    Our focus for this training cycle is to continue or focus to build, carve, and strengthen your back and shoulders. An hourglass physique maintains a beautiful balance of the lower and upper body tied together with a tiny waist.

    In this progression, I want to emphasis one thing – detail and more DETAIL. When you turn around to the back, I want the world to say WOW!

    I want you to feel strong and empowered. Our goal is to do just a little bit more than our first cycle. Now, you should be able to increase the weight for all of your lifts, or throw in a couple of extra reps and minimize rest periods if increasing weight is too difficult.

    All and all, we want to step OUTSIDE of your comfort zone.

    Once again, e will spend this 4 week training cycle on the upper half. Now, don’t worry, the legs will get getting a ton of work in your cardio and a leg-specific workout during the week. Although my original intention was to bring the lower half into this cycle as a specialization, I really want to stick it out for another round of 4 weeks zeroing in on that upper body.

    Perform this cycle for 4 weeks, each week increasing the difficulty by playing around with how much you’re lifting in the gym.

    Beat your numbers, raise the bar, and take yourself out of your comfort zone.

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